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  1. Stayed the same at 226 - considering a couple bad eating days, I guess I can't complain. Working in the shop and the field this week probably helped - but the heat affects me more and more every year I get older. Exciting week ahead - getting new windows installed on Wednesday and my new shed comes on Friday - so I can finally reclaim the garage and put all the crap laying around away. Made a big batch of shrimp cocktail and still eating my mozzarella cheese crisps. Short of those two days, been 1500 calories or less daily. Water is no problem, 3-5 liters a day just to stay even. Good to see all the activity - best wishes to all for a good week.
  2. The best laid plans... I scored another upgrade at the ballpark - to the Pool Suite! So instead of towing the line I had a Carne Asada quesadilla and a beer. However I was yelling my lungs out all game so I like to think that burned a few calories... But it was so cool! (No I didn't swim, but sit at the jacuzzi for a while lol)
  3. Morning all, Down 3lbs to 226 - very, very satisfying to be getting the expected results after being rigidly disciplined all week. Tonight is D'Backs baseball. They let you bring in darn near anything - so we bring nothing but good stuff like veggies, lunch meat, etc. I take pork rinds as a treat, and will indulge in a diet soda too. In 2 weeks we get our new windows installed, and a storage shed built - can't wait as we'll finally square away the garage and side yards and be officially, fully, moved in lol. And carrying all that stuff around will be another good workout. After that, I believe I'm going to put grass in the backyard and redesign some things. Should also be a good bit of exercise. Hope all of you are well. Good to see new (and the regular) folks. Have a great weekend.
  4. Keto pizza: shredded mozzarella, parmesan, and italian seasoning with some pepperoni on top. Melted down until the bottom starts to brown. Awesome. Not one cheat for 8 days now - feels amazing to FINALLY get my head right. Been at 1500 calories or less every day, 20 carbs or less each day, zero beer or soda. Hope everyone else is having a good week.
  5. I soooo feel your pain Diana! Built a pergola to give the spa some shade. Found a pic of a design I liked and made my own version of it...but man, I is POOPED!!! On the plus side - I ate perfect all weekend with zero cheats. Cravings were a bit much but drinking gallons of water to stay hydrated in the heat seemed to help. Almost time for a cigar (sans Guinness) and let that hot tub (heat is turned off though!) do it's work.
  6. https://www.studyfinds.org/leaves-of-grass-views-of-greenery-from-home-work-help-reduce-harmful-cravings/ Well here's my problem! 😁 (Not many of those views in these parts, lol.)
  7. Good morning all, Pretty good start, down a bunch to 229 (that typical "first week" anomaly) and not one cheat. Not any real exercise either so that's a bummer, but I rationalize it saying: working outside in 110deg weather kind of compensates... Feel pretty good, I'm still a firm believer that processed sugar is mostly poison - and this past week without it has been better for my mood. Good to read everyone, have a great weekend!
  8. She's a pit terrier mix. Pure lover/lap dog - just a big goofy mutt.
  9. Thank you all for the kind "welcome backs", appreciate it. Finished up a fresh brisket last night so it should last me a week or two. Smoking meats is my new favorite hobby. There is absolutely nothing in the house I can cheat with - but so far the cravings for garbage hasn't really been a problem.
  10. Haha, that's funny - dog and wife doing well. Won't come into the hot tub though lol.
  11. Well hello all... I think I got my head in the right place and am feeling focused enough to stay on the wagon and get back to healthy habits. Lot's of excuses - but really it's just from being tired and lazy during many events: Moved across town, Dad battling cancer, Mom losing her memory, new meds for me, work is stupid busy, etc - just life in general. Monday I weighed in at 237 - heaviest I've been by far over the past 5 years. Going low carb/low calorie, 18/6 eating schedule with a goal of 200 by Thanksgiving. I know it sounds aggressive, but in the past that was about the rate things went. So eating is going well, next is getting the gym back into the schedule. Way too hot to ride or exercise outside (no more pool so that's not an option) so for now it's been working on the new-to-us (used) house. On a more positive note - went to Montana for 2 weeks to help out my MIL - she's pushing 80 and needed some painting and repairs done so that was good exercise, along with some side trips to Butte and Glacier Park. Gratuitous pics attached. Feels good to be back on track - look forward to learning who's new, who's still battling, etc.
  12. My nephew passing thru on his way to Yuma MAS. Was great to see him , if only for a quick lunch - been out of country for a while. Final approach: Much older than he! Not too complicated: A favorite - god bless these warriors!
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