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  1. http://www.embarkandaway.com/carnival-valor-5-day-cruise-review-fun-times.html
  2. http://www.embarkandaway.com/carnival-valor-5-day-caribbean-cruise-review-2018.html
  3. Obviously, since you didn’t know you had more choices on the other side of the menu. ;p;p:'):')
  4. Enjoyed this review, sailing on Valor out of Galveston in December. Will they pretty much have the same drinks as the Dream? Also, I know you can order multiple dishes in the MDR for lunch and dinner, but can you for breakfast and brunch?
  5. I was addressing the people telling him that the US customs or the ship wouldn’t take his medication away from him. I was making it clear that it was his local customs, not US customs. Also, people saying for him to take Benadryl..that isn’t going to help him if he has a sleeping disorder.
  6. What is the purpose of them not being able to serve them unopened?
  7. The poster isn’t allowed to bring his prescribed sleeping medicine to the US due to custom laws in his country due to the class of drug that it is. He needs all the required paperwork he mentioned in order to get through customs with it, not US customs or Carnival. But it looks like he found a loophole and is going to be able to bring the exact quantity he will need for his trip. Hope you have a great time! I’m cruising in December and it can’t get here quick enough.
  8. Where did you find this spreadsheet at? Can you put a link for me?
  9. My husband and I are cruising Valor in December also, what are your sail dates?
  10. Where can you find out how many ships will be in port the same as your ship? Thanks in advance!
  11. Has anyone ever did the horseback riding at Mr. Sancho’s? I’ve always wanted to do that on the beach and I see that they offer it.
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