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  1. You are right @Organized Chaos ! And I'm usually pretty good with filtering out the negative but whoa is there a LOT right now so it's kind of overwhelming. Ultimately, I think we will have a better time than if we were at work, so that's still winning...I hope to come back feeling like all these Negative Nellies are nuts!
  2. What cabin were you in? We are in 7430 next month....I'm having a really hard time getting excited with all the negative reviews, that's for sure! But I'm stuck now, so it is what it is. I'd love to see pics if you had the same cabin we'll be in!!!
  3. Have a great cruise!!! Make sure you update us when you get back!! ❤️
  4. We are actually sailing August 19th, which is why I am a little worried about crowds. I usually have a really good attitude about things, so I'm surprised the negativity is bringing me down so much. I'm really trying to rally. Thanks for the cheerleading! ❤️
  5. ohhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! I didn't even think of that!!!! so smart. That makes so much sense! Thank you!!!
  6. People, I am SO bummed with all the horrible reviews about Sunrise. Between the overcrowding, casino smoke and sewage smell that is apparently permeating the entire ship, I'd love to cancel, but I didn't buy the insurance so I'm stuck. That said, does anyone have anything positive to say?? I get it that it's "the worst ship ever" and "smells like a toilet" and it takes 2 hours to get lunch - that blows. But some of us still have to sail on this ship and it would be nice to have something to look forward to.....so who has something positive to say?? Let's keep this thread to only shiny happy Sunrise thoughts and pictures! Help a sister out!
  7. I feel like this is probably a dumb question but I'm going to ask anyway..... I'm trying to hoard some Cruise Cash prior to my 8/19 sailing. I assume it will mostly be spent on drinks, with some specialty dining & excursions for good measure. Website says Cruise Cash can be spent anywhere, but then I noticed that there is specific Cruise Cash that can be only used at the bar. Should I be buying both?? I guess I'm just confused as to why they have specific Cruise Cash Bar if you can just use regular Cruise Cash at the bar also. Am i making sense? I guess my question is, can i use plain Cruise Cash at the bar or do I need to buy specific BAR Cruise Cash for drinks? TIA
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