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    All Inclusive

    We escaped all the noise by sitting on Deck 4 - so peaceful & quiet there! Wouldn't get me back on the Discovery though!
  2. We did the P&O trip last year but left Ypres by mid-afternoon so didn't get to be there for the Last Post. The rest of the trip was as Chh has described. It was very moving.
  3. He will need to get the 'all clear' from his surgeon post op that he is fit to travel & you will need to notify your travel insurers. They may increase premiums if he is then considered a higher risk. As Sauspud says, a wheelchair may help but you will need to check if you can store it in the cabin.
  4. We too have done a lot of Thomson cruises then tried Fred, went back to Thomson / Tui / Marella & then tried P&O. In our opinion, P&O knocked spots off our last Marella cruise that was on Discovery. The food & service in the MDR with P&O was far superior to Discovery, the entertainment was better, the choice of venues & entertainment in the evening was a huge improvement on the Discovery. Quite saddened that Discovey didn’t live up to our hopes with it being one of the newer ships; yes, she’s a lovely ship but they seem to have less staff than they used to making it a lot harder & more stressful for the ones who are working onboard. I think we will stick with P&O & Fred in future & maybe also try other lines but Marella no longer offers what they used to when they were Thomson!
  5. I think anyone going on a cruise for a first time no matter which line, unless it’s really awful will enjoy it. It’s the ones who have cruised lots in the past that will notice when things change & standards drop....
  6. BrandiMax seperated from the show team some years ago now (?2015) & went onboard the ships as a duo in their own right. I also believe they went on to perform on other cruise lines & also in various hotels in the Caribbean. They did one (or 2) shows in a theatre in the U.K. then went back to Amsterdam for a while & have only fairly recently returned to the Marella ships....I do agree with your last sentence πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
  7. We feel the same and probably won't sail with Marella again....
  8. Julessmiles

    Little bit concerned Discovery 1.

    It's Β£14.95 for a bag of 'wash & fold' (not pressed!)
  9. My husband loves it! That was one thing he did miss when he was first diagnosed & has become a cider drinker now but there are some great gluten free beers on the market now too!
  10. You won't need snacks - there is enough to eat & there are always fruit & salads for snacks. You won't go hungry, I can assure you of that. It might just not be up to the same standard of Norweigan. My family certainly didn't starve; they tended to eat a good breakfast then afternoon tea on return to the ship after being out for the day! Evening meals were ok but not very big portions & there was always something they could eat for the evening meal - a lot of the time it was just a plain version (no sauce) of what was advertised. We pre-ordered GF pizza the night before in the Glasshouse - that was good & worth a visit & the Tapas you can have there were mainly gluten free. We love Italian food but sadly there was only a very limited selection of GF food in Gallery 47 (Italian Restaurant). Luckily we stopped at 3 Italian ports so did have lunch out there a couple of times!
  11. There are 3 Coeliacs in my family & we were on Discovery last October. They would not allow us to have the menu the night before & pre-order; we asked several people & they said they don't do that. Anything that is GF is marked on the menu & you just chose from that - they won't do anything different for you (unlike on previous Thomson cruises we have been on). To be honest, the waiting staff are so busy looking after so many tables, we didn't like to pressure them so just chose off the menu. Breakfast in the MDR was good with GF bread & rolls & GF options on the cooked menu. Afternoon tea in Islands was good too. In the Glasshouse we pre-ordered GF pizza & that was good for an evening meal however GF late night snacks were non existent in the Glasshouse - we didn't need them but we did check! Labelling of foods was dubious; saw a few things which were labelled GF & they weren't & my family were given gluten containing soy sauce in Kora La even though they were well aware of the dietary needs. Food standards in my mind has declined from previous Thomson cruises we have been on & only 3 course meals now in the evening. GF desserts were pretty basic. You won't have problems eating but we have experienced much better on other Thomson Cruises & far superior on P&O & Fred.
  12. Julessmiles

    Cruise Director

    He's on Instagram & seems very happy 😊😊
  13. Julessmiles

    Discovery 2 reviews

    That was exactly how we felt about Discovery in October 😒. The older ships definitely have a better atmosphere!
  14. Julessmiles

    Marella newbie, how does it compare?

    Without meaning to be pedantic, Fred Olsen haven't used Peel since 2015. They use Explosive Productions & Mirage & to be honest they made a good choice there! The shows we have seen have been very good. The new Explorer ship of course will be using TED for their entertainment - will give Peel a bit of a run for their money πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
  15. Julessmiles

    Marella newbie, how does it compare?

    I don't think Tui can rival P&O - very different experience altogether!!! We much prefer the P&O style - Tui have changed quite a lot since we started cruising with them!