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  1. Im on the exact same cruise with the exact same check in time so I am interested as well. Ill also probably see you at the poker table at some point.
  2. I was having this same debate with myself. We are on the Horizon 8/21. I think Im going to stay away from them and enjoy the outside as much as I can unless there is a massive drop in the numbers before then.
  3. Yeah that was my main point. The headline from the other day of 6 people getting covid on a Royal ship should have been ONLY 6 people got covid. But thats just me
  4. I was just listening to the La Lido Loca vlog on youtube. He just got off the Celebrity edge and said it was a 98% vaccinated ship. They announced every covid case and by the end of the week, there were 7. The ship sails with 2900 passengers at full capacity. For arguments sake here, lets say they sailed with 1500. Those 7 positives represent .4% of that of number. So 99.6% of passengers didnt get covid thanks to vaccines. Now I know what some might be thinking and that how do you know they did not transmit it to others that will test positive this week. So lets bring that number to 50. Thats 3.3 %. 96.7% of the vaccinated passengers were fine if 50 people tested positive after the cruise. Am I off with this thinking? Shouldnt the cruise lines and the cdc be touting these numbers as proof? I am no expert so curious what others think.
  5. Thanks for the info. Looks like I'll be staying up late on the 6th lol. Enjoy your sailing Jt.
  6. Cruising on Horizon on 8/21 and it says check in available on 8/7. Those that have cruised or checked on for a cruise recently, will the check in open at midnight on 8/7 or early morning for me?
  7. Thank you. If you liked that than you will love this one I did for our trip on the Pride 3 years ago.
  8. In Amber Cove we booked the waterfalls through Carnival. It was probably the best excursion Ive ever done. St Thomas we did a private tour with Good Day Charters which was great. San Juan we did the resort for a day pass at the Stellaris Marriott. That was also a great day. Beach is nice and the pool is beautiful. Grand Turk was very crowded with 2 ships in. Jack's Shack gets more and more crowded since there is more to do on the beach closer to it.
  9. We had a family cruise on the Breeze this past week. Here is a video highlight of our trip. Happy to answer any questions
  10. For embarkation did you get there before your appointment window? If so did they make you wait on a seperate line. My appointment is for 12 but I love getting on the ship early if I can.
  11. My main concern is we have a 12-12:30 arrival time. Our shuttle through go port canaveral is going to get us at 11:45 so we will arrive at the port about 12:30. Trying to make sure if it will be easy to get on the boat or if we will have to go in the late line and wait awhile
  12. Anyone been in the early/late line at port canaveral trying to get on the ship as soon as you can? What was it like?
  13. How strict is Port Canaveral with arrival time appointments? The last two cruises I went on out of New York and Baltimore no one checked our time.
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