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  1. 503 (any maybe 502) also get the anchor action as a bonus. We won the lottery once in the Med and got 503. The balcony was tight, but the built-in early morning alarm from the anchor getting dropped was definitely worse. Couldn't complain too much. We were guests of a relative and didn't pay anything for the cabin.
  2. We're recently off the Sojourn and had a bridge tour. They stated there was a drydock in 2020 for them where whey would be getting all new instrumentation for the bridge. Also said the pool deck would be fixed correctly and get rid of the 'plugs' that are currently used to hide the screws. We also found the veranda furniture to be rather tired and needing replacement. I suspect the drydock is after the world cruise.
  3. Recently off the Sojourn 12 night Caribbean cruise. On the 1st night, we were outside in the Colonnade for dinner. We were early and the 3rd couple seated. Time between apps and entree had grown to 45 minutes. It was getting frustrating as we saw several people seated after us that were already on to dessert. Server comes up and apologizes and says it'll just be another 10-15 minutes. We decided to leave instead. OMG. The ruckus this caused was insane. We were stopped 3 times before we got to the exit and each time the wait for the food got shorter, but they couldn't convince us to stay. Instead, we stopped at Earth and Ocean and had a meal there. Then it got interesting. The Colonnade manager found us to tell us he was having our entree delivered to our suite. Then he offered to serve it in Earth and Ocean. We declined. Then the F&B manager stopped by to apologize. We had a good laugh, but we were now celebrities. Had breakfast in the Colonnade the next morning and had the manager and also the F&B manager stop by to apologize again. From that point on, everyone knew our names and they used them. Naturally, we've been called by name before, just not to this level. Felt a bit like SKP946 when he mentioned them not calling him by name.
  4. Also noticed Formal optional is now just called Formal (in name only).
  5. So true. We're off the Sojourn from the previous cruise. 2 days in a row, I observed 2 people claim 10 loungers in a row at around 8am (I was walking deck 9 at the time). They disappeared, only to return around 10:30 to use them with friends in tow. Loungers were at a premium on our cruise, especially the 4 sea days.
  6. Agreed. Fabulous service. Got us a great private tour guide for the Acropolis as well.
  7. While the Colonnade is quite large, I think they limit the seatings on TK nights. Hence their reason for reservations.
  8. We got a few brochures touting a big sale as well. One of them mentioned our future cruise credit and offered a 10% discount (instead of 5) on around 10 cruises. One looked intriguing, so I checked it out on their website and it was $500 more. Then, I realized the mailing price already took into account the value of our cruise credit to make the price seem lower. Perhaps the OP got a similar mailing. I thought it was a bit deceptive, but I'm sure it was covered in the fine-print.
  9. We had a late afternoon flight. Did the tour thing and they got us there around 1:30. We checked in, but weren't allowed to check bags until 3. This was November, 2018.
  10. In Mykonos. Came back from town to a half-full ship. Put my camera down on a lounger in 5-aft, which was completely empty. Went to our cabin to change and when we returned, there were 2 glasses of wine by the lounge. I was sure someone else had claimed the lounge, so we moved over. A few minutes later, server Anthony came by and indicated the wine was for us. We asked how he knew we were sitting there and he said he recognized my camera. Totally blew me away. Saw him again 3 years later after he'd been promoted to Sommelier (he remembered us!) and we again asked about the camera (which we no longer had) and he told us his parents had the same unit.
  11. We did the Seabourn tour after the transatlantic this past fall. It was great to see the whole island. The tour guide was very good. Lunch was better than expected. Only issue was we got to the airport 5 hours before our flight and we had to wait 2 hours before we could even check our bags. Remember to keep the immigration ticket. The security line has 2 queues. The MUCH shorter one is for cruise passengers with their immigration ticket.
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