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  1. We were on Nautica last month in the Baltic. In Helsinki and St Petersburg we were berthed in town, just about 2 minutes walk from the Market Place in Helsinki and quite near to the Hermitage in St Petes. Shuttles provided in Tallin and Stockholm (quite a distance) but these docks were as expected. Usually you can see where you will be berthed by looking on the Port Schedules in each port you are visiting. Sounds like Oceania got it wrong. Perhaps they should have looked at the Port Schedules 🤣
  2. The form asks if you have had cold/cough or gastrointestinal illness within a short time before your cruise. It is a standard form for all cruise passengers travelling with all cruise lines. It doesn't ask about any preventative vaccinations you might have had. J
  3. OP here! Thank you so much for the spreadsheet which I have just spotted. My cruise on Sirena on 4th August 2020 will definitely Digue. Many thanks. J
  4. Spice does not suit my digestion but my husband loves Red Ginger. I asked for very little spice which was served, but the food was, as a result, rather bland. Cant win!! J
  5. Yes. That was exactly the point I was trying to make. He was not the only gentleman wearing a jacket, but there were gentlemen who did not wear one. J
  6. Formal or not my husband wears a linen jacket to dinner every night. It is, in our opinion, a very casual jacket but he likes to wear it. He does not wear a tie any more. Quite a few gentlemen wore jackets to dinner we noticed. A lightweight jacket does not take up much room in the suitcase. Each to his own. J
  7. I agree with you Paulchili but sadly, either the OP has the private tour or he doesn't have that tour at all. I'm trying to think of something else he can use the $300 for. Wine/spirits? Spa? Hairdresser? purchase from the shop? There must be another tour he would enjoy just as much? If he doesn't want any of these I can't help I'm afraid. J
  8. Carlsbadguy......... I am sorry to hear that. It shouldn't have happened. I recommend you try for a private tour as Maura has researched, but now of course you will have to pay for it..🙁 J
  9. Our butler brought morning tea at 7.30am each day as we asked him to. He did not knock. We did not have to open the door for him. He just came in and put the tray down and left, just as we asked him to. A couple of times we asked him to bring breakfast as we had early starts. This included disembarkation day. Also we had the afternoon canapés. One day we forgot to put out the order, but we met Mani in the hallway. We did not mention the canapés but he said he had canapés left over and would we like them. So we said yes. This kind of service makes for a relaxing and stress free holiday. Why get up and dressed to go to a public room to get coffee/tea when it can be delivered to your suite by an unobtrusive, charming butler at 7.30am. We prefer to have breakfast in the MDR rather than the Terrace. Not having to think for ourselves is an important part of the holiday for us. This is why Oceania suites us so well. However I perfectly understand why it does not suit everyone........ I think....... J
  10. Just curious. If you could book it six weeks before, why didn't you? There is no time limit for tour booking. J
  11. Bookings are on the half hour from 6.30. J
  12. Pre 5am in the UK?? I have never even thought of doing that and always get the bookings I want.. For this year's August cruise I went on line on the appointed day in June at a civilised hour and booked four tables at the times I wanted. We like to eat at 7.30 so perhaps this isn't such a popular time? There are certainly quite a few tables already occupied when we arrive in the restaurants. J
  13. This is very encouraging Julie. J 😁
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