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  1. You can check for yourself -- Millennium is at Pier 66.
  2. This is very interesting in that my husband needs a new phone and his preference in a point and shoot camera is one with a great digital zoom! He is an Android guy while I've made the switch to an iPhone Pro Max. If he gets the Galaxy S21 Ultra we'll have zoom and dark scenes covered! (Although my major travel camera is the Sony A7ii.)
  3. We just got back from a week in Seattle and are returning at the end of August for more time before a Celebrity Alaska cruise. We had such a great time we ran out of things to do! There are homeless in Seattle and it isn't pleasant to contemplate the lives of people who live in tents, especially when we are fortunate enough to have nice homes and the money to travel. If you avoid them or ignore them, they are pretty much harmless. A couple of times we passed by parks with someone yelling at nothing, but this is a mental health issue and not crime. This is found in most urban areas in the United States now, so you will have to restrict your travel destinations to the most exclusive and pricey to avoid it entirely. That being said, I would heartily recommend the Belltown Inn at 3rd Avenue and Bell. I just stayed there for 6 nights at $169/night. No concierge, no pool, but nice rooms and a lovely rooftop lounge where you are encouraged to enjoy your morning coffee or happy hour. (See photo) There was also a fabulous takeout restaurant "Poke Bowl" a block away where you can fill yourself up on ahi, seared salmon, yellowtail, and a bunch of other seafood items with the fixin's for between $11.99 and $14.99. We took ours up to the rooftop lounge! If you aren't planning to spend your days at the hotel and would like a comfortable, economy place to stay this was a solid choice. We'll be returning next month -- especially since we can walk downhill to the pier rolling our suitcases! (But check your pier location, there are two.)
  4. We used Seattle Airport Transportation and got a great driver with a luxurious SUV. We were glad we didn't opt for Uber because it was a zoo at Arrivals and so easy with someone there waiting for us. (This was July 1 so there was a lot of holiday tourism going on.) Cost was about $60. We took Uber back during rush hour but it was a reverse commute so quick and easy -- $42.
  5. If you are a first-timer on Seabourn and cruising on or before December 20, 2021, I can get both of us $250 on board credit through Seabourn's Referral Program. Contact me at cheryl at cherylhale dot net and I will register you for the credit.
  6. I bought the WD My Passport Wireless Pro. It cost about $170. There is a solid state version that is more expensive, but this has worked fine for me.
  7. A great warning to all of us who pay megabucks for expensive cruises then risk the fruits of our photographic labors due to lack of backup. A couple years ago I decided not to carry my big heavy DSLR with me on a 2-week river cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam. Since I had a nifty Samsung Galaxy phone that took great pictures I thought I would try freeing myself. When we arrived in Amsterdam, a team of pickpockets nearly knocked me over in a bus and stole my phone. Won't do that again! And now I make sure all my phone pics are backed up to Google Photo and Amazon Prime Photo. Google Photo works really well, Amazon Prime not so much. But eventually I get the photos uploaded to Amazon for two backups. But now my Sony A7II has a reserved spot for every trip. I recently went to Antarctica and didn't want to drag along my laptop. I found a neat Western Digital solution. I can stick a chip in and have it automatically copy over all the files, leaving the originals in place on my camera chip. Much less weight and I was also able to use the device's wifi capability to copy over selected pictures direct to my iPad so other cruisers could ooh and aah over them! At home, I must have 4 or 5 copies of my pictures folders going back to 2003. Probably my most precious possession! I still need to rent a safe deposit box and store one of the drives off site...
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