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  1. We are booked on the Viking Iconic Western Mediterrean this November - we booked our excursions and having second thoughts on " A Day in Tuscany" - it's not sold out, and it's a bit costly - just wondering if anyone has done this and if it's worth the money ? Thanks again Helene
  2. Hi everyone, we are booked on the iconic Western Mediterranean Ocean cruise in november. Being price conscious, we plan on doing many of the included excursions and the one excursion we chose so far is "A day in Tuscany", looking for recommendations on other excursions, viking or outside tours. Thanks
  3. Hi again, we are starting from Barcelona - 3 days on our own, ending in Rome - we added two nights . I haven't seen the excursions yet that's being offered from Viking - We booked our hotels in Barcelona and Rome on our own. This is our first time in Europe and we're hoping to take advantage of great tours either thru Viking or on our own. Looking to all of you for some great recommendations. Thanks again
  4. Hi everyone, we are going on our first viking ocean, iconic western Mediterranean, would love recommendations for excursions, including the ones that viking offer and some on our own. We are very active , hiking, walking, etc, . The trip leaves in November Thanks so much Helene
  5. Hi there.. sorry I wasn't more specific.... so we are flying from NYC to Barcelona - would prefer a non stop if that's possible - and we are flying home from Rome - but we added two extra nights on our own. We paid for air plus through Viking which i'm assuming allows us some input as to our flights, however, since this is our first Viking cruise we really have no idea how this works. Any info would be appreciated... Thanks again
  6. Hi everyone. We are booked on the Viking Iconic Western Med. cruise for October 2019 . We are leaving from Barcelona - was wondering about the flights - we paid for the extra air per person - but should we start looking on our own or wait for Viking - not sure how this works as this is our first Viking Cruise - also, what should we be looking for - night flights to Barcelona or daytime - we are staying for 3 nights before the cruise leaves. Thanks for your help. Helene
  7. Wow, that was great information, I’m going to print all of this and put into my new file that is quickly growing, so much to look forward to!!! We just booked a hotel in Barcelona and also a hotel in Rome, biloth were very reasonable, I grabbed them since others were already sold out, amazing that it’s a year away and sold out,,, oh well, I guess I’m not alone here, this will actually be my first time in Europe so I’m very excited, my husband has been to London, also a place I would like to visit, but Barcelona is definitely one of our top places to see.... we booked three nights on our own there, any info would be appreciated as well as Rome,,, thanks again for your advice helene
  8. Hi , we are booked on the iconic western Mediterranean in November 2019. The cruise ends in rome, we are looking for a moderate priced hotel for 2 nights, looking for any recommendations Thanks
  9. Thanks so much for all this great information, can you guys recommend places to stay in Rome and Barcelona? We are adding on days at each end and booking ourselves, thanks helene
  10. Hi , this is great information, I really appreciate all the info.. we are looking at November 2019 for the trip, what is the general weather like at that time? We are oing from New York and would like to leave our winter coats at home - are layers doable? We are both hikers, walk at least 3-4 miles each day , would lIke to avoid buses if possible. Also, we plan on adding days to each end of the trip Thanks again for all the help Helene
  11. Hi all, was wondering if any of you have taken the iconic western Mediterranean viking cruise- as of now we are booked for November 2019 and would love feedback, opinions, advice etc, we start from rome, thinking of adding two days, ending in Barcelona and adding 2 days on that end. This is our very first viking trip and would love any advice. Thanks
  12. Hi..My husband and I are looking to book our first Viking Ocean cruise - the Iconic Western Mediterranean - Rome to Barcelona - I've been looking for reviews but can't seem to find any - have any of you taken this cruise and if so, what are your thoughts? We were booked on the River Cruise but we are a bit concerned about the water levels - thanks for any opinions you can share. Helene
  13. Hi, we booked the renaissance hotel in Amsterdam but it’s definitely a bit pricey, still searching for other hotels in the area. Also for the beginning of the trip we are staying in Basel
  14. Ha! Yes, I totally get it, an old almanac would definitely help,,, I’m sorry if I sound a bit on the panicking side, but after reading reviews and the cost, the last thing I want to do is spend my week on a bus, my thoughts now are maybe transferring my deposit to a Viking ocean cruise... this us a once in s lifetime trip for us, so I’m a bit cautious thanks again
  15. Hi, you’re right, they do have availability but I was looking on my chase portal and they are sold out on this. I think I’m going to keep searching since the price is a bit too high, any other recommendations? thanks again
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