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  1. I really enjoy Make it with Michaels. We made Christmas ornaments in December, and we painted tiny little paintings last spring. It's early mornings on sea days, so we grab coffee and a pastry, and then go to "Art camp". When we finish our product, we put them in the cabin and head for brunch.. It's a great opportunity for second breakfast. LOL! and I get a souvenir from our cruise.
  2. Submarine in Grand Cayman. It was fantastic! I am claustrophobic, and I had no problems, because it was so fascinating seeing what the ocean looks like at depths, I cant scuba to. -this is my favorite water excursion My favorite land excursion was Uxmal outside Progresso. I went to Chichen Itza the next year, but Uxmal and the Hacienda is hands down so far the best excursion, history, culture, food, great tour guides. I really want to go back, but our next cruise celebrates the DH's 70th, so he wants back to Chichen itza.
  3. I know someone will tell me, but it's a line dance, to the left, to the left, to the left, to the right....etc, now work it on out....
  4. My June 8th Fantasy was cancelled, rebooked for same cruise 10/26 and will make it a B2B with our 10/31 cruise. I hope. If those are cancelled, then I will apply funds to pay off my 9/2021 Journeys cruise.
  5. 2shoes, I will see you on board-You got the dates right!
  6. If heading south, I prefer the port side, since you get the morning sun which is a bit cooler, than the afternoon sun. It has been so long since we have had a balcony, I no longer worry about it. DH's memory is not what it used to be, so I choose starboard all the time now. that way all he has to look for is odd numbers.
  7. and why is that? i'm going to throw the dirty laundry in one bag, and the clean laundry in another, seems pretty easy to me.
  8. Thank you. I am pretty sure I get the same cabin steward, as Part 1 is on the empress deck, starboard, last window cabin in the front, and Part 2 is three doors down. empress deck, starboard, porthole. The last time we were on the Fantasy, the cabin steward had both cabins, cant see it change that much. And of course, I will pack everything in my suitcase. I guess I will need my passport, and boarding pass for Part 2 in hand when we get off/on. DH told me he thought that having the picture taken was cool!. How big a crowd have you seen for the B2B'ers?
  9. They may be vague due to no one knows the future. Seems to me, that having your money will help them keep solvent, but not if they have to keep giving money back. I hope you get a nice cruise this year!
  10. I got my "your vacation cruise got cancelled" letter yesterday. DH and I knew it was coming, (it was a gift for his birthday)y so we talked over what to do with an already paid in full cruise, and decided to add it to another 5 day cruise, also paid in full cruise at Halloween. So I went on line yesterday and found the closest cabin to where we were going to be for Part 2. so that we would have the same cabin steward, and put it on hold. Called today and talked to a very nice person who continued the hold until the 29th, gave me my FCC ref #, and then, the system crashed. She put in her notes what I wanted, but told me to call back later today to make sure it was all finalized. So, since I wasn't able to get the same cabin- do I take my luggage down with me as if to disembark, or can I take it to the new cabin? Since I will have the same cabin steward, I cant see that it would bother him if I did. Do I have to get off the ship, do I get off with everyone else, or do I wait for a walk through with the staff? How long will I be off the ship? Do I need to tell the Guest Services that I am doing a B2B? And if so, at what time of the Part 1 cruise should I do that. Or will they know that before hand (which I doubt). Now of course, these two cruises may not happen this year at al, but I am hoping that they do. So lets just be positive. Thank you in advance for all the info.
  11. I think that a lot of the emails we get are preprogrammed. As we know that some of those cruises (all) will be cancelled. Maybe not September, but June will be based on the new CDC regulations. I don't see my cruise available, but I do see that I can print my cruise documents. Arghh! I just wish that the cruise lines were up to date with the truth.
  12. Well with the CDC asking cruise lines to not sail with a new hold in port date of 100 days from 4/9, I guess Carnival is turning off the July cruise bookings so that they wont have to contact so many folks about cancellation. If things get back to normal by then, then folks will probably be eager to finish filling up the ships.
  13. I guess I should have said, I would move it to make a B2B in October. I didn't see the St. Maarten information so thank you for that. I keep hearing Mexico is open (not the ports) but they are desperate in Cozumel for tourists.
  14. One other thing I will do, is thank every crew member I see.
  15. And yet today, the posts are all about the CDC starting a 100 day wait (or two other options) beginning as of 4/9,which puts cruising out into hurricane season. LOL. I think I will take that June cruise, and move it to a B2B on Oct/Nov, and pray that for all, that this disease is done or we have a vaccine..
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