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  1. Thank you for verifying. My DH and I really enjoyed it, and cant wait to participate again. My MIL wants us to send her our art to put on the fridge. LOL!
  2. That's good to know. I was wondering about that a couple of cruises ago, when I saw all these folks get on board the Fantasy an go directly to the bar. Jamman54 you are the best!
  3. Safe walk and fun day- the last time my DH and I were in town, (and we are older....) we walked over to the Pirate Museum, which we loved, and ew visited a very beautiful church right across the street. Then the skies opened up, the water was running over the curbs! So we trekked around the corner, went to Starbuck, and then back to the ship- a very easy and enjoyable walk. We had a great time. Have fun in Nassau!. Don't wear the fancy jewelry and keep your purse closed, but I would tell you that in any city.
  4. We cruised in April and really enjoyed the Make it with Michaels. Was it still offered on your last cruise. I am looking forward to participating again.
  5. I remember getting my S an S card in the port, and then we turned platinum, and the card was at our cabin. If you are not FTTF, Diamond or Platinum, where do you get your card? We are cruising with friends who have a suite, but not sure they can go to their cabin early-so where is their card?
  6. We have always chosen to get FTTF since it was offered-this is because my DH's health is not so great, and he needs to chill out before heading out for some fun. This was of course before we became platinum. We boarded in NOLA, the woman who was processing our cards said our cabin was ready. Well they said in the sales info, your cabin would be ready. It wasn't , and we went to gust services to complain. I mean really not ready, nothing happened after our complaint until 3 days later. They had to talk with the cabin steward, and he admitted the cabin wasn't ready, and we got an OBC for the money we had spent for the FTTF.
  7. Congrats on becoming Platinum, two cruises ago I became platinum, and got a gift in my cabin. But DH was still not platinum until our next cruise-this time we both got gifts, both got invited to that "private party" , where the drinks flow (unless you don't drink-like us) and we got appetizers, and our own time with one of the musicians. I didn't feel I was getting anymore special attention than on any other cruise, which means that service is great whether you just started cruising, or you have been doing it a while.-but it's nice to have your own guest services, and laundry. This means when I have to fly to a cruise, I can pack half as much, cause my stuff will be washed. and I can wear it twice.. Have a great cruise, and enjoy your benefits! You paid for them with all your previous cruises.
  8. I love the Fantasy class/ Bigger ships do have more bells and whistles, but we are older, don't need a lot of bells, and enjoy being able to walk from one end to the other-that said we have cruised 5 Fantasy class ships, the Legend of the Spirit class three times, and will be on the Horizon in 21. This cruise offers a ton of bells and whistles, which I guess we will get involved with, four sea days! Enjoy your cruise!
  9. Thank you for the review. I appreciate the time you took to write it-no questions-just enjoyed the read.
  10. DH found a wonderful very dead "sea biscuit" on our first cruise in the Bahamas. We brought it back, apparently if nothing is living in it, you can keep the shell. We have it on a shelf along with our Ships on a stick, to remind us of why we love the ocean and cruising so much. However we have cruised and snorkeled on each cruise (except for Alaska) on said cruises for more than 9 years, and never have found anything, shell or "sea biscuit" since then.
  11. considering that lobster is best served fresh, I wouldn't worry about not getting it. On our last cruise, they were still diddling around with the menu- You an order it from the "specialty menu" , but again, it really is not fresh, steaks are a better choice if you want to spend the extra money. Have a great time, and BTW-sometimes the family comedy is funnier than the adult comedy.
  12. What is the snorkeling like at Princess Cay? On your own, HMC does not have much to see, Coco Cay as OK, but I notice beaches on the map for Princess that are marked snorkeling- how good are they? We will be there early December.
  13. I work in the arts-theatre does not close on Easter. We now do not do shows on Superbowl Sunday, but we work Easter-just decided I wanted to celebrate my birthday, didn't realize when I booked that it was Easter-but now I am lucky for two days. During the cruise. these are not normal jelly beans-they are starburst jelly beans=the best.
  14. Thanks for the info- I doubt if they let adults play with the Easter Bunny...BUT I have yet to act like one, so I may get a picture, and i will take notes. Nice to know there will be a special menu. I bought some jelly beans and some plastic eggs to put them in, so that I can give some to the wait staff and my cabin steward.
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