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  1. Blue, I am sorry to read that article. I have a friend (?) who has basically moved to Florida from MI, but she hated your governor and thought the rules were stupid. The problem in this country is that very few want to take responsibility or be responsible. It goes against their grain. I mean we are the country that sued McDonalds when a woman scalded her crotch with hot coffee by driving with a hot cup of coffee between her legs. Once that case was over nobody thought twice about suing someone else when in fact their own actions put them in the situation that they got in.
  2. Seems everything is relaxing in Georgia but in my county ( Dekalb) masks are a must for entering any establishment. I am OK with that. Heard on Monday on the news that 900 people in the US are dying daily from Covid, which at that rate would be 46,800 a year, and when you look at that rate, it is WAY too high. But I also notice that all that things that are going on, seem to make the news, open air concerts, events, sports, and the news talks less and less of mask wearing, deaths, updates on Covid. Now that is local news, which makes me think that they are burned out on the bad news, want t
  3. I moved our September Journeys cruise to next year...reason...Carnival IF they start cruising wont do longer than a 7 day cruise until November, and our Journeys cruise was 10 days. The woman told me there would be a 50 dollar per person charge. I told her I knew that the cruise was going to be cancelled, told her why, and she hemmed and hawed, and then agreed with me, and changed it with no charge... I would try Carnival first, to see what they offer.... and then if they do charge you, then change your flight. Unless the flights are because England has decided that you shouldn
  4. I am trying a cove on our next cruise in December. On our honeymoon cruise we had an extended balcony, reviews said it was very private...and it was unless the person above you to your right was looking down....NOT PRIVATE!! I love the sound of the ocean against the ship, so I thought i would give one a try, since my friends who cruise all the time, love them. I will do a review upon my return, if we ever get to cruise this year.
  5. Sailing on the Magic for the first time in December (we hope)-we prefer the smaller ships (which seem to be getting sold for scrap) so I cant comment on either ship (yet) But DH and I loved Amber Cove because of the excursion that we took, and Carnival no longer offers it. That said=after cruising western Caribbean, sailing towards Amber Cove is incredible, the mountains are beautiful, the coast line like something out of Jurassic Park (where some of the film was filmed). Our excursion took us up into the mountains, dirt roads in a big bus, great driver. Took us into town, where
  6. I was thinking that they may do away with Your time dining for the first year or so once they start cruising. If they really mean to socially distance us, table for 8 would be tables of 4, and they can speed up food delivery and have three dining times. You are around less people when you know what table to go to after the first night. You are not standing in a line, stuffed in the library, or hanging out in the atrium. You enter, you order, you eat, you leave. That late dinner might be really late...... Will the MDR start serving lunch again to cut down on lines at the buff
  7. I don't think we will be cruising to anywhere until they can get a world wide vaccination passport .
  8. Well, I see we are thinking again of cruising over Easter, which this year is not going to happen, but i will tell you when we did cruise over Easter, we took candy for the staff, there was an Easter bunny, and DH and I wore bunny ears. WE had a great time! For those of you cruising next year at Easter, I hope you have a safe and wonderful time.
  9. Fascination-Front cabin on the Riviera-porthole, late departure from port, too many folks had too many drinks and we didn't even do the Muster. Storm picked up off the coast of Florida, swells that night were 10-15 feet, wave went down, we went down, wave went up, we went up, both DH and I were hanging on to the mattress not to fall out of bed and yes we ended up falling asleep- THE BOSS was up on the Main- cabin 11- turning green, and cussing us for talking her into taking this cruise. Next morning-DH and i were up and about, having coffee on the lido (which was empty), and the
  10. And 33K people in Florida died from Covid in one year.
  11. Just saw the CDC message regarding post vaccine. If you have had your vaccine you are OK to get together with other folks indoor and out who have had their vaccine, so wouldn't getting the vaccine solve all of the problems? Well on board anyway. It's those places we visit that would still be a problem. I am so looking forward to a cruise.
  12. I too think that everyone who gets on a cruise ship must be vaccinated. Testing is a joke. You test on Monday and come down with symptoms of Covid on Thursday....how long have you had it? We are constantly hearing on the news that you may still get Covid after a vaccine, but it wont kill you. (so far) but variants are still happening. My first cruise that looks like we will make (after cancelling 4) will be in December. If i have to wear a mask i will, but my question is, what are they are gong to do with us smokers??? oops.
  13. My friend in RI will be getting his vaccine (firs t) on Thursday-my friend in NJ has been trying for 4 weeks, and unable to connect with any number that will hook him up with a vaccine. It's been two weeks since our second shot, and while our local friends have had theirs, we still have not gotten together for a meal in more than a year. I miss my book club, miss meeting friends for dinner, miss going to my art classes at the senior center. Miss cruising the most though.
  14. DH and I were "nominated" by one of his Dr's (who is always looking out for him) to get our vaccines. We got the first one in January, no problem what so ever. We got the second one (Pfizer) last week. I too never felt the needle, but boy oh boy I have felt the memory of it for a week. I felt awful two days later (could have been pre Valentine's chocolate overdose) and DH felt fine. Now that he is done with his radiation, and I am catching up with my appointments, I have to cook again.....After 3 meals in, DH wants Pizza...ah, the good life. My old bosses and I got laid off i
  15. i had been searching for info on the Magic Cove's-we have one booked for December. DH has skin cancer and shouldn't be out in the sun alot, he also wants to take a Po-peal pocket fisherman , LOL, but I had not heard about a sewage smell before. We booked 2325-any info? It's under the dining room.
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