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  1. marshhawk

    Giving back to the Community-Orphanage

    this was from Puerto Plata. things the orphanage needed-well anything for feminine hygiene. games, coloring books, books, in Spanish. They are very hard to find in Atlanta. The youngest girl was 5, and very precocious, but it appeared that the majority of the girls we around 8-10, and I really wish we had Nancy Drew books in Spanish. I saw stuffed animals, but their library was only one small room, so if you go, bring books in Spanish.
  2. marshhawk

    Extra towel for shore excursions

    The towels run around 22 bucks each, so if you don't bring one back, you will be charged. If you are not flying to the port, why not just carry one with you. That way you wont have to worry about it. We did that on our first cruise, but never will again, it's just easier to let Carnival do their own laundry. What port are you going to,? They may actually have nice beach chairs and you wont have to worry about it at all.
  3. Family members or friends. I have often taken friends on their first cruise- they don't like cruising-one person said, it wasn't rough enough (loves to camp), one said the food wasn't good (she never ate much on land either), one said the seas were too rough (heck we sailed through a tropical storm) but at least she did book a second cruise, and is planning a third..... the only person in the world that you can make happy is yourself, attempting to make others happy sharing what you love to do is just frustrating.:confused:
  4. I too am an over planner, but on a cruise, I do what I want when I want, and I am not the tour guide on the ship, nor do I drive it. It really is a time for me to let go. I am enjoying all the responses, and learning lots as I read. tw-i am sorry for your recent losses, but the sea (as you know) is a healer. cruise on.
  5. marshhawk

    Uptick in crime..Cancun and Cozumel

    I did read an article this past week warning us again about Cancun, 10 American bodies found-but why when they were missing did we not hear about that in the news. ?? While not all parts of Cozumel, look clean, but I do feel safe there.
  6. My DH and I have gone to Cozumel 4 times, twice we did Carnival excursions, and twice, we walked down to El Cid, and purchased day passes. The first time there we learned what we wanted to do the second time we were there, and the second time we were there it was too cool to enjoy. Not sure if that will help, but Cozumel runs on tourism, and they try hard to get you back to your ship. Just remember most of the time, the ship wants you back an hour before you sail away.
  7. marshhawk

    Must see/do on the ship?

    It's the verandah deck on your ship. You said one time only to cruise-what you will find, is that if you are still alive, you will be booking another cruise when you are done.;) If it's a 7 days cruise with only one sea day-relax. If it's a three day cruise, then go play all day!
  8. marshhawk

    MDR question

    There is on Fantasy class ships an area where you can put 3 tables of 4 together-stretching to 16, (15) would block entrances, exits, so not safe. Perhaps they will put 5 tables of two together and have the other 5 sit at as table at a table for 4. Good luck!
  9. marshhawk

    Which Cruise???

    i have two friends (from two very different groups of friends) who cruise Princess-for the cabins! They say that the food is not as good as Carnival. We cruised Alaska on Carnival two years ago September-we choose the last cruise of the season, because it went to Glacier Bay. I noticed no night life, everyone is on that cruise to see the state. I saw no drunks, no wild revelers, in fact to tell you the truth, all I wanted to see was Alaska, and all the critters. And that is what I saw. I think you should choose what you can afford, and with that I mean excursions too-go hog wild, because you may never get the opportunity to do it again, and if you can, choose the ship that offers Glacier Bay if it is an option.
  10. marshhawk

    Embarkation time

    FTTF isn't taken into the equation when you choose your check in time. You are going on after weddings diamonds, platinum's and disabled. Go early and get on early.
  11. marshhawk

    MTD on Elation

    I would request Anytime dining now. They seem to give those tables for two to anytimers. Not requesting anytime, allows the restaurant to seat you with like minded folks (they think) but you won't get a table for 2.
  12. marshhawk

    A detailed, specific question on FTTF

    When you open the doors that are telling you- you cant enter unless you are FTTF, Platinum or Diamond, you click the door handle and the door will slowly open. It is pressurized. If you dont see the door open immediately-wait! Because if you try the handle again, it will open, and then start closing on you, and I had the bruises to prove it.
  13. marshhawk

    Favorite food combos

    Instead of getting overly nitrated sliced meats, I go to the carving station get a slice of roast beef or whatever roast beast they have that day, and then go to the salad bar and make a chef salad. I may be the only person I know who eats healthier on a cruise ship than I do at home, but it could be that I don't have to buy 15 things to put in a salad-the ship does that for me. :D I also lose about 5 pounds on a 7 day cruise-all that walking!
  14. marshhawk


    But you wont pay double the port fees and taxes, that really is based per person.
  15. marshhawk


    Welcome-myfamilyisblessed- you are on the right site, and asked in the right place- When you go to boards, you will see the different cruise lines, choose the one you are sailing on, or if not booked yet, then ask the questions on the cruise line you want to book with. Same things with ports, or general info on this board. Every time I researched a cruise , ship or port question, the internet brought me here. To Cruise Critic.