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  1. No priority embarkation, it's "Priority check-in"
  2. What is the premium Internet package consist of?
  3. OK, I am confused (as usual) Up to $800.00 OBC - usually about $75.00 for first two passengers in cabin 50% reduced deposit, we already have that most days PG Dinner - $40.00 per person $25.00 beverage card for extra guests. What do the first two guests get????? Free Intrnet in a suite - current promotion... Not sure I see any value here at all.
  4. They didn't OWE them anything. Contract says no adjustments after final payment. Whatever they got was a gift. GEEZE!
  5. Does anyone have the number for the up-sell department. Received an e-mail to upgrade and deleted it by mistake. Help Please????
  6. It is the norm. Other "Quilter" knows of what they speak
  7. You are correct. You also get them when you up-sell but not if you get an upgrade.
  8. It does not matter how you obtained a Neptune Suite, you get double points. I hate misinformation.
  9. If I were you, I would contact my PCP at Holland and explain your situation. I am sure there is a way to grant you that one day. It's not like you are missing 7 or more days. Good Luck!
  10. Sooooo. don't buy those things. Drink water, tea, lemonade and coffee. It is what it is and what you agreed to. Get over it. I am sure you got a great deal to begin with!
  11. That's all well and good except the prices went up since yesterday. Yesterday I could have booked 4 adults in a cabin for $2,032.00 with 2/3 being free. Today price went up 153.00 pp and the 2/3 are 149.00 each Buyers regret I didn't book yesterday. Oh Well,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  12. Can someone share the fax number for the Share Holders Certificate? thanks,
  13. You need to chill.. The question as is "Is unlimited laundry still a perk " A simple yes would have been sufficient. No need to bring out personal opinions for a yes or no question. Some peoples children!
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