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  1. I'm just sayin!!!!! It just seems a little confusing to me. Cruise ships cannot sail but Hotels are open. Cruse shIp has 1000 cabins, Hotel has 1000 rooms; Average two to a cabin average two to a hotel room; Ships have Bars, Hotels have Bars; Ships have restaurants, Hotels have restaurants; Average stay on ship 7-days, Average Hotel stay 3-days. Less turnaround on ships. Ships have casinos, Hotels have casinos; Ships have elevators, Hotels have elevators. Only difference if geography. So.....why can one operate and the other can't? I'm just sayin!!!
  2. OMG - I think we need a reality check here. Remember when it was not all that unusual to have 100+ with a Nor Virus or any other kind of flu? People are going to get sick when they are with other people. Common sense says we will never be "sick/flu" free. This is serious, I understand but people die of flu everyday on cruise ships and everywhere else.
  3. I purchased $4,000.00 and received $800 in bonus certificate. No limit up to $10,000.00 = $2,000.00
  4. Sounds like you need to take a chill pill and let the process take place. You are assuming that you are getting screwed just because it is not happening on your timeline. Hang in there. Life is too short to worry about something that has not even taken place yet.
  5. Only the promotional portion has to be used by 12/31/20. Not the actual gift card.....That can be used anytime.
  6. Does anyone know if you can still purchase the Suite Gift Packages that includes Dinners, Robes, Adult Beverages, etc.? It was running around $290.00 a couple or something like that.
  7. You really like that word don't you. Did you just learn it?
  8. Does anyone know how to order the Suite Package that includes a robe, dinner and spirits of your choice, etc. I am unable to locate it online. Thanks
  9. No priority embarkation, it's "Priority check-in"
  10. What is the premium Internet package consist of?
  11. OK, I am confused (as usual) Up to $800.00 OBC - usually about $75.00 for first two passengers in cabin 50% reduced deposit, we already have that most days PG Dinner - $40.00 per person $25.00 beverage card for extra guests. What do the first two guests get????? Free Intrnet in a suite - current promotion... Not sure I see any value here at all.
  12. They didn't OWE them anything. Contract says no adjustments after final payment. Whatever they got was a gift. GEEZE!
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