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  1. Really odd as we were in MDR last night 9/25, and were told that the Moscato was gone. We were able to get Diet coke after a port stop I think in Aruba. Whole milk was available to second half of B2B but out on the second day of the first half.
  2. Total of 980 passengers on 9/17 cruise. Casino never crowded, payouts were slim.
  3. No limes, No ginger ale, first part of cruise ran out of diet coke and whole milk. Both legs of the cruise ran of of Moscoto wine.
  4. Good chance you might get moved. Seems deck 6 is being utilized for staff and entertainers.
  5. No, no masks on ship but required in every port. inside and outside.
  6. It was great. Did a tour and it was beautiful. Could not go to Nevis tho.
  7. Just off the Equinox yesterday. Fabulous time. 9/5/17 arrived at the port at assigned time of about ll:45 (11:30 to 12:00) and we were in our cabin - Veranda with slanted balcony (7286) 7 minutes later. No muss, no fuss. No tracelettes. (happy Dance). Room keys were outside the door. Everything in the cabin was spotless. All previously ordered items in the cabin as requested. Cabin was quite small. Hard to pass each other anywhere in the cabin. Balcony was WONDERFUL (I ASKED FOR A LOUNGE CHAIR AND IT WAS THERE WHEN WE GOT BACK FROM DINNER). Bathroom was adequate. Lots of linens and toiletries. Of special Interest: 1. We had the DRINKS AND MORE package. Let me just says this about that. We requested a different beer, asked for no diet coke but extra regular coke and our requests were honored. We had the power bars x 2 and Pringles x 2 every day along with the 4 bottles of Tito's Vodka. Never missed a day of refills. Small bottles of white wine and red wine were excellent. The large bottles of red and white wine, not so much... 2. We had dinner in Murano's the first night. Excellent food but rather stuffy for our laid back taste. (example: we asked to be seated near the window and were told the windows were covered over, "no need for a view while dining here in our dining room") I guess he told me! 3. Dinner at Tuscan three times. Excellent during all three visits. 4. Shows in the Theater were excellent. During the first half of the cruise there was a Comedian one evening that really stunk. The ship asked him to leave at the first port as there were so many complaints. Trust me, he was really bad. We actually walked out. All the other shows were great. 5. Several programs were with the Cruise Director Eddy and the Activities Director Peter, oh my God, they were so funny. They make a fantastic team. No to miss. 6. Casino, oh boy, were the slots stiff. Entered the first slot tournament (there were several). Cost was $25.00 prize was $500 IN SLOT CREDIT - NO CASH. Didn;' enter any more after that. Did the math. 10 people playing 4 rounds. $1,000.00 CASH they took in and paid out in slot credits. In other words, no one ever received $500.00 as winnings. (as tight as the slots were). More to follow - ask away if you have any questions from a Steerage point of view (lol)
  8. Dollar store or Staples. 5 for $5.00 Located in Stationery Depts. Self Laminating
  9. How about those drinks! Has anyone tried to get the beverages of choice in the frig. Hubby wont drink Heiniken, don't want diet coke, etc. Will they sub. the bottles of wine. All White and no Red?
  10. Thanks Jim. We are B2B along with you.
  11. Hello, anyone recently completed a B2B that can explain the process utilized on the Equinox? Timing, Testing, Goodies?
  12. From the CDC link, you can select "Testing of Embarking and Disembarking Passengers for Restricted Voyages" . I do not believe Celebrity is required to do any Restricted Voyages as they are sailing with 95%+ vaccinated passengers
  13. Good afternoon. When did you get your e-mail about the turnaround? We are with you on both legs of this trip and have received nothing related to the B2B.
  14. You need to read the rules. I think plastic is not allowed. Rules state cans or bottles only.
  15. It's 2:54 a.m. and you have arrived back in port. Welcome home.
  16. If you are doing a B2B you can take 4 and they will return 2 of them to your cabin at the end of the first leg. No problem.
  17. Happy, We are also in Cape Coral - Are you near the Veterans Bridge and Del Prado?
  18. Sorry to beat this to death, but things change so fast. The Rapid Antigen Test you got, was it the NAAT at CVS?
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