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  1. He is still here on Royal as of June 2019.
  2. Further question on the usage of the apps. Do you have to purchase wifi on the ship to use them or is that free? Same question regarding using WhatsApp while on the ships net. Does it incur data charges or go against some type of minutes plan? I wasn't planning on using email, texting, or phone the first few days of our cruise when we are at Hubbard Glacier and Glacier Bay. However, I'd like to be able to have the functionality working for the purposes of learning what medallion cruising can do. I've never purchased wifi and don't know if it is worth it on an itinerary with three American ports in it.
  3. @fishywood I think you may have received some misinformation about getting Ocean Ready "at least" 60 days out. For most I've read on other threads, it is the other way around. You cannot *start* getting Ocean Ready until after final payment processes which is usually 60-75 days out. I booked our upcoming cruise on Royal Princess last week Tuesday (5/28/2019) through an online TA I have used several times for booking cruises. Our sailing date is a week from this Saturday (6/15/2019). I had to pay the full amount when I booked since the sailing was only 18 days away. I was immediately able to start getting us Ocean Ready as soon as my receipt from Princess came in my email. I completed that process on Thursday 5/30/2019 and our medallions arrived via FedEx on Tuesday 6/4/2019. The logo in the medallion is Ruby for us as it is our 4th Princess Cruise. They do have our names, ship and sailing date on them. It is a very fast process to get the medallions once you have completed the Ocean Ready screens and uploaded all the right documentation. In hindsight, I wish I had downloaded the apps to both of our phones and gotten my wife Ocean Ready on her phone rather than setting us both up on mine. When I finally got around to getting the apps on her phone, it "undid" her Ocean Ready status and I had to re-take the passport snapshot into the Ocean Ready account on her phone. Once I did that, we both went back to green circle status (complete). We can now see each other are complete on both phones. Happy cruising! Bryan
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