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  1. Thanks for the info....Yes I meant Costa Maya and Cozumel for "those two"....sorry it wasn't more clear 🙂 I may look into booking Almaplena Beach resort on Costa Maya. I'm not sure about the transportation to and from there as I've read it's farther out and the road is not great, so looking into this before we decide. We weren't going to do a beach day at both stops but we may end up doing that. I just booked Nachi in Cozumel so at least that's taken care of 🙂
  2. Thanks again. Just booked Nachi Cocom!
  3. Thank you for your reply. We live in Deerfield beach so we know what it's like here(very much like your photo). We have lived her for about 2 yrs and have NEVER seen it like it's been this year. I just wasn't sure if it is the same type of problem in Mexico as it is here. The beach isn't "critical" to us as we live at the beach but those two stops, from what I understand, there really isn't much else to do but beach. I tried to book Maya Chan and unfortunately they are booked the day we arrive. I may look into Nachi Cocom Thanks again for your reply.
  4. So is this seaweed "seasonal" or a year round problem? We too are tying to decide on a beach club (Maya Chan if full :() for the day we will be in Costa Maya and not sure what to do. We will be there the end of Nov. Also, do you know if Cozumel experiences the same problems? We are going to only do one beach day between the two stops and perhaps Cozumel would be better?
  5. We will be on Symphony of the Seas in November. Wondering what activities are typically available while the ship is in port....ie, flow rider, rock wall, pools/slides, etc. Thanks so much!
  6. With that being said, do you personally feel it was worth the time and money to experience this?
  7. How much time is actually spent in the Cave/water on the Amazing secret river tour? I know it's an all day excursion but i'm trying to get a feel for how much ferry/shopping time is part of the all day experience. Thanks
  8. Any recommendations as to what would be the next best option that is similar? Would prefer a "quieter" place if possible but if not, just a place where we would have a good beach day experience. TIA
  9. Thank you for your reply. That sounds like a good plan
  10. We will be in Roatan in Nov., specifically the week of Thanksgiving as a cruise stop. It's our first time there and we LOVE to snorkel. I've read as many threads as I can find that discuss the pros & cons of West Bay. I've seen everything from there are so many people in the water your touching elbows to it's not that busy. I know there are several factors that play into that and all the reviews i've read from extreme to extreme are true but I'm looking for a realistic expectation if we do a day pass at infinity for the beach snorkeling? The other option that we are completely open to is boat tour, prefer private, for snorkeling. The problem is, I can't really find any vendors for that as most only offer the dive experience. I appreciate any advice or feedback provided. Thanks!
  11. Does anyone know if it's included in any of the dining packages the unlimited dining package? I ask because this was the small print in the "additional terms" and I'm not quite sure what it means. No Show policy will apply. Demonstration can be included in the 3-4 or 5 dining Package.
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