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  1. Found cruises on a discount travel site starting Jan 7/2022 starting in Miami to Lima Peru & sailing down the west coast of South America around the cape to Buenos Aires & sailing from there to Miami beginning Feb 23rd for a 22 night cruise . Total of 4 cruise from Miami to Miami
  2. 😄😄😄😄. Us too ! The perfume of the day “ eau de bug parfum “ Lol ! Sharon
  3. We too opted out of YF shot on the advice of both our GP & the YF Travel Clinic. Advised that due to our age & health ...the risk of adverse reactions to the shot outweighed the benefits. We were issued a YF exemption certificate though. As an aside there is also a YF serum shortage in Canada too ! But on the advice of both the Travel Clinic & GP we did get a measles shot. Now only thing left to do is pack up the luggage...sit back & relax & enjoy the cruise ! Sharon
  4. We are also on the Mar 20 TA & will not be getting the YF shot . We were on an Az cruise in 2015 from Rio to Miami & Travel clinic Dr advised against it. We have a Certificate of Medical Contraindication to Vacccination issued by him stating ...risk of adverse event from YF vaccine outweighs any benefit. Our health issues have not changed & we have of course gotten older ....hence our decision to not get the shot for this trip either. At that time it was necessary due to a port stop in French Guyana. Note we were never asked to produce proof of vaccine or the certificate stati
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