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  1. We’re planning to stay here in August pre-cruise. Reviews here and on line are positive.
  2. How about a one way car rental to FLL and then do the reverse back home.
  3. On the Eurodam, The last pull down machine had a fixed bar at the top for pull ups.
  4. Don't know about purchasing wine...but technically, you will board the ship in Whittier (some 60 miles SE of Anchorage). You may not stop in Anchorage, but head straight to Whittier from Denali.
  5. Do you have an itemized listing of your costs and can you compare them to your credit card statement (if you paid with your credit card)? Is it possible that Princess (or Station Casinos) applied your $200 deposit to the cost of the upgrade and additional passenger instead of giving you OBC? If so, you are not losing anything.
  6. Itunes - search for "Ship Horn" then select the Ringtone tab
  7. I’ve used Prime Time several times in the Los Angeles area. Last time they picked us up at our hotel near Long Beach airport and took us to San Pedro. You can reserve on their website but probably best to call them with your situation.
  8. Beware of group paralysis! 100% agree that you don’t have toll do the same thing at the same time. If you wait for the group to decide, you most likely do nothing. As panoramaofthepast said...it’s ok to split up and do separate things.
  9. My preference would be to fly. About a one hour flight. The price does vary from $100 to $300 each way. The train gives you a relaxing journey through some amazing scenery. Price out your options and see want works best for you.
  10. We parked there last June. As Luvteaching stated, the staff is very friendly and helpful. Quick service to and from the pier.
  11. Do you want to head to Anchorage before 8:45 AM? The cruise ship docks just after midnight and the transfer leaves 8 hours later.
  12. One thing to remember about airfare...regardless of the change fee, you still pay the difference in fare if you change your trip. For a last minute change, the fare difference could easily be more than the change fee.
  13. Unfortunately, Victory is a "technical" stop for Alaska cruises starting and ending in Seattle The ship is required to make a stop in a foreign port and Victoria fits the bill. Most ships arrive late afternoon or early evening. (A few years back I found a cruise that arrived in Victoria at noon). The ship may offer an excursion to Butchard Gardens. The gardens are stunning in the evening, plus the sun sets at about 10:00. Otherwise, there is enough time to head to downtown Victoria and wonder around the harbour area which is very lively at night. Another option is to disembark in Victoria, spend the night then explore the next day. You would have to work with the Cruise ship and Canadian immigration to arrange this. You would also have to arrange your own transportation back home.
  14. lax19


    Costco is located approximately 4 miles from the cruise port. Not sure if taxis hang out at Costco, but you could Uber back the the port. Costco Address: 3900 Dublin St, New Orleans, LA 70118 - using Google maps will give you an idea where it is compared to the Cruise Port.
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