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  1. Follow up from Post #4. Full refund showed up this morning (two separate amounts - Deposit and cruise fare). Taxes and port fees showed up on 6/27. Total wait time was 44 days.
  2. Family cruise on Odyssey (July 19) was cancelled on June 15. Requested a refund on one cabin on June 16. I was quoted 30 to 45 days. On July 21, I received an email with a Future Cruise Credit for that cabin, not what I requested. Called Royal on July 22nd and the Customer Service Rep confirmed that I had asked for a refund not a FCC. The CSR and the Resolution desk confirmed that the refund was being processed. I was told 7 to 10 business days for the refund to show up on my credit card. So patiently waiting for August 6th!
  3. No mandatory insurance requirement. They did have to get a Covid test prior to boarding. Both are fully vaccinated.
  4. My son and daughter-in-law (both US citizens) boarded the MSC Seaside this morning in Marseille. There was confusion with the port employees, but it was cleared up by an MSC employee
  5. Ohio has a Real ID compliant license, but not the enhanced drivers license. Real ID will get you on an airplane, but will not work for cruising unless accompanied by a birth certificate.
  6. Several years ago, we used https://www.advancecheckin.com/ They had a drop off station in the cruise terminal and transported bags to the airport for pick up at the check in area.
  7. Thank you for all your comments. At the end of the day I booked single daughter and granddaughter into an ocean view room that connects to the rest of granddaughter's family. Now just have to monitor for price reductions. Already repriced once and saved $270!
  8. If you plug in your dates snd city pairs into Google flights, you’ll get a list of possible flights. Then it’s just guessing which one looks most reasonable. Of course, these would be just the possible flights and the cruise line will determine the actual ones.
  9. We took advantage of the BOGO airfare for our March 2022 Panama Canal cruise originating from Panama City and ending 8 days later in Colon. The price was $600 plus $80 each for transfers. We choose the airfare/transfer option just to take one thing off of our plate especially since the cruise ends in colon snd we would need to transfer back to Panama City. The routing in our cruise planner is flying PDX to Houston and on to PTY. The most likely flight leaves PDX at 12:30am day of the cruise snd lands in Panama at Noon - 12 hours before the cruise departs.
  10. That’s what I think our flight to Panama next spring will be. In the cruise planner, NCL shows us going through Houston then on to Panama City. Though nothing is booked, The flight most likely leaves Portland at 12:30 AM and arriving at PTY at 11:30 AM. The cruise leaves 12 hours later. No idea about our return flights. The cruise ends in Colon, and I think we transfer across Panama back to Panama City for our return flight.
  11. I cancelled one cabin when Odyssey was cancelled. It still shows up as a cancelled cruise on my cruise planner. While “lifting and shifting” other bookings to next year, I double checked with the CSR and was told that the cancelled cabin was indeed cancelled and refund was processing. 🤞!
  12. Sue Son and daughter are already booked in the same cabin. If I move son out and add the baby, the cruise line (RCI) will re-price the cabin to the going rate which is $1500 more than I paid.
  13. Thanks for the replies. Here’s what is up. In July of 2020 we planned a family for July 2021. Due to cruise cancellations, we are now booked for July 2022. We have several cabins with various family groups and got great deals. In one of these is my son, his wife and two children. In another is my adult daughter and adult son. My son and wife now have three children. If I rebook them to a cabin holding five, I lose my great deal and will have to pay prevailing rates and most likely have to get a suite) So my idea is to book my adult daughter into another cabin
  14. Has anybody booked the same person into two different cabins? Did the cruise line allow it? I know it will cost more, but it might be a solution to a booking problem I am running into.
  15. My experience is a bit different. Two days after we were moved to Odyssey, one of our cabins was cancelled due to an outstanding balance past the final payment date. This cabin was paid in full before the transfer from Indy to Odyssey. When I called last Monday, I was told that the revenue department would clear it up by the 18th. The 18th came around and it was not restored. I was able to lift and shift the remaining cabins to a cruise in July 2022, but the weekend rep was not able to fix the incorrectly cancelled cabin as the Revenue department does not work on weekends. I’ll call back Monda
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