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  1. Thinking outside the box here: have the cruise lines band together and buy a port in Alaska. Then leave the union and set up there own foreign country. Now they can round trip from Seattle and skip Canada! 🤓
  2. The Fairmont Waterfront (across from Canada Place) will also deliver your bags to the ship. https://www.fairmont.com/waterfront-vancouver/
  3. One thing to your advantage is that you are on the first (albeit only) flight of the day. This usually means your flight will arrive the night before and park overnight. Any maintenance issues will be handled overnight. Even if the flight is delayed say four hours, you will still make the ship. southwest has three flights that will get you Long Beach from PDX by noon. And a fourth that will get you to LGB by 1:30. Plus free checked bags.
  4. My wife and I brought two carry on size suitcases and a rolling duffle with no problems.
  5. Though you already have a transfer...maybe look into this: https://alaskacruisetransfer.com/tours/whittier-anchorage-allday/
  6. If your father has a handicapped parking placard ( on that hangs from the rear view mirror, bring that along. Have the Uber/Lyft driver hang it from their mirror. This should get you closer to the terminal for drop off.
  7. After checking into your hotel, you could Uber/Lyft to Santa Monica for a beach day. Though with kids, car seats may be an issue.
  8. I'm looking for parking recommendations at or near SeaTac airport over Thanksgiving week. Flights were about $600 cheaper out of Seattle than PDX for that week, so we are driving up to Seattle to fly to Kansas. Does anyone have a preferred parking lot at SeaTac? Pacific Highway is lined with several; are they all pretty much the same? Any hidden gems? I'm not looking for a Stay and Fly package at a hotel, but if the price is right I may go with that. Thanks in advance.
  9. It depends on the order the cruise line applies your OBC. The cruise line may apply your money first (refundable OBC) and once that is gone, they apply their money (non-refundable OBC). or The cruise line applies their money first and then yours. Princess applies their money first, than yours. I don't remember what NCL does. I understand the desire to minimize charges to your credit card, but if you plan on buying additional OBC, why not stash that money away and use it to pay your CC after the cruise. This way, the money stays unde
  10. Agree with martincath. 45 minutes is plenty for a PDX layover.
  11. My wife and I recently stayed at the Fairmont Waterfront for two nights prior to our August 21st cruise. We booked a partial harbor view king room at $276 per night (after a $120 free night credit through Hotels.Com). We were upgraded to a top floor room with a stunning view of the Harbor. We took the Canada Line in from the Airport and had a short walk to the hotel from the Waterfront Station. We walked all over Vancouver (Gastown, Chinatown, Granville Island) and averaged 6 miles per day. On Embarkation Day, we called the bell desk, they took our luggage (and delivered it to the ship)
  12. Another great review! It may not be not thinking people want to cruise the Caribbean in the summer, it's just other markets are more lucrative. For example: Princess sends seven of their 17 ships to the highly lucrative Alaska market in the summer leaving none in the Caribbean.
  13. Google Map Street View of the ramp Martincath mentions.
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