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  1. Your list is wholly comprehensive. The points that hit me the most were: #7-----Fear of quarantine.....I don't think I'll ever cruise again because of this risk. Even if cruise lines take steps to mitigate this risk and even if there comes along an effective vaccine, I'm not willing to take even a minuscule risk that I might be quarantined on a ship. #12-------People who don't wear a mask.......I don't like wearing a mask on land but I do it because I think it is a reasonable precaution and protection for myself and others. But there are way too many people who rebuff mask-wearing that I don't want to be trapped on a ship with them. I also will not consider vacationing until mask-wearing is no longer mandatory (unlike some who would still cruise but break any mask-wearing rule that is in place, daring anyone to enforce that rule). #15------More cuts. Cruising had already been going downhill even before COVID-19. I have been cruising for 18 years and the quality of (especially) the food has steadily declined over at least the last ten years. COVID will undoubtedly only make it worse since profits have been down/nonexistent. #16-------The value. Which goes hand and hand with #15. Cruising might likely become elite again, i.e. out of the reach of the many. This is not necessarily bad as maybe the product will improve if the price is higher and the quality, of especially the food, rises to at least the level it was when I first started cruising. Perhaps the new business model will emphasize smaller ships instead of these super-crowded megaships which really I can't stand. It may price me out of cruising every year, but maybe that would allow for a better experience even if I can only cruise once every five years or so. #17-------Social Distancing is not really possible or practical on a modern day mega cruise ship unless the ship is well below capacity.
  2. This is correct information. Was just on the 2/2/20 sailing of Regal and we really enjoyed lounging at the Retreat Pool. We did not rent a cabana FYI. Just used the regular lounge chairs.
  3. I know it's not new but........I thought (or had hopes) that with all the reports of coronavirus that people would have been a little more diligent, but alas I was wrong. I guess the only people who thoroughly wash their hands on a cruise are those of us who commit to this practice in our everyday lives whether at home or on a cruise or wherever. Additionally your "shrimp story" is why I shun buffets.
  4. Regarding the bit I highlighted in purple: I absolutely agree, but I go a bit further to protect myself. I press elevator buttons only with my elbow or my pinky finger knuckle. I am fastidious about never touching my mouth, eyes, nose or ears with my fingers while on a cruise. If I must touch my face, then I first use one of my individually wrapped Wet Ones wipes that I carry in my purse. I use the public restrooms but always scrub my hands vigorously with soap for 20 seconds and then rinse well with warm water. I even eat my sandwiches from the International Cafe with a knife and fork. One final thought: I was on the 2/2/20 sailing of Regal Princess and I was shocked at the number of women who exited the public restrooms after doing only a VERY cursory "washing" of their hands or not washing them at all! I even had one woman who gave me the "stink-eye" complete with a few huffs and puffs, I guess, because she thought I was taking to long to wash my hands and she was next in line for the sink I was using. With fellow passengers like that, no wonder people get sick. And no wonder why I go to the great lengths I go to in order to remain healthy.
  5. And you know this for sure, how? I find it difficult to fathom that Princess would allow a dining room server to see a passenger's passport number and home address. Birth date I can understand for alcohol purchases.
  6. When you say the servers have ALL your personal info, what does "ALL" include?
  7. Thanks. I was a little concerned there for a minute.
  8. Yikes. We board the ship this Sunday 2/2/20, and are planning on parking at the port. We don't want to park at Terminal 2 for embarkation only to disembark at Terminal 21---how would we get back to our car? Do you know if the different Terminals for embarkation/disembarkation was just for your sailing?
  9. For disembarkation you docked at Terminal 21? Isn't that a different terminal than what was used for your embarkation?
  10. Enjoying your review. Thanks for the info regarding allergies----my sister and I both have food allergies and will be doing this itinerary on the Regal in February. Glad to hear that your wife's allergies were handled so well. The last time I cruised on Princess was back in 2013, and that was before my allergy diagnosis. Enjoying your photos too.
  11. How were you able to set both yourself and your husband up on one phone? My sister tried to put my info on her phone and wasn't able to do it. We will be on the same account btw.
  12. How were you able to manage everything for DH from your phone? My sister downloaded the app to her phone and she was able to upload her information. I want my sister to be able to manage everything for me from her phone because I am definitely NOT a techie. But she didn't see any way that she could upload my info thru the app on her phone. We'll be on the same account btw.
  13. I read the 4pm notice about getting to the port no later than 11am----it was after I read that notice that I packed my suitcase. So my frustration is the same as yours: NCL knew about the noon decision to close the port but advised us at 4pm that the cruise was a "Go" and then hours later at, what I am calling, "the 11th hour", finally stated that the 7-day cruise was cancelled and that a 4-day cruise beginning Wednesday was being substituted. This final announcement was made way too late in my opinion.
  14. I am saying that NCL should have canceled the 7-day Sept 1st sailing as soon as the Coast Guard made the noon announcement yesterday about closing the port the evening of Aug 31st. At that time NCL could have announced a shortened sailing that would begin on Wednesday and affirm that anyone not able/willing to take a revised cruise would get a full refund. But NCL waited until the 11th hour to make that announcement even though they must have known many hours earlier of the coast guard intention to close the port Saturday night. This is what I take issue with.
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