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  1. USAF F-4. I had a hard enough time landing on something that wasn't moving. 🙂
  2. We did this several years ago using EasyAir for first flight. Flew into Dublin 2+ weeks before cruise. Eight days in Ireland then flight to Glasgow Scotland for a week followed by flight to Southampton two days before cruise. A great trip.
  3. Thanks. In the past I received an acknowledgment of the request with details later.
  4. Has anyone gotten a reply from a request to setup a Meet & Greet?
  5. Go to the Roll Call for the cruise. We are on the 12 June out of Southampton. Roll Call is fairly active. Tom
  6. I called Princess and had no problems getting the 10% savings and $200 OBC. The 10% is off of just the cruise fare but if you have Princess Vacation Protection that also drops 10%. All of the previous perks remained with the new fare. I had no problems paying with gift cards (took a while entering all of the gift card info).
  7. Just booked a cruise for 2022 and noticed that the Booking Confirmation did not show Military OBC, just Future Cruise Deposit OBC. Looked at my Circle Savings Account and it shows that the Military Benefit expires 12/31/2021. Is this a cost cutting move or just a paperwork drill to revalidate.
  8. Our pricing has been changed to the previous pricing.
  9. Did the cruise price remain the same? My cruise personalizer shows that the price went up and a deposit is due in 2 days Booking Balance: $xxxx Deposit due by Jul 24, 2020 or booking will be cancelled.
  10. Did your price stay the same or did it go up. Mine went up ☹️
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