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  1. Would have been nice if they had multiple times for the webinar. It is prerecorded and does not cost anything extra !!! That is what they do for the travel agent webinars !!!
  2. A requirement to prove you have been vaccinated 3 months before the sailing is WAY too early. 200 million with priority before 65+ year olds is from the US CDC aired on NBC national news Nov 28, 2020. See the chart here:
  3. I definitely believe that vaccination should be required. In the US final payment is 3 months before the sailing. WAY to early !!! On the news tonight they listed 200 million people in the US alone who will get priority over those 65+ !!! At that rate it could be a year before the 65+ can get vaccinated !!! And what if you are younger ????
  4. Hard to say. My family all have over 7500 points and there is occasionally someone else who has maybe 100 more points who is named the high cruiser and gets ALL the benefits. There is another couple with 8000+ points from Texas who recently stopped cruising. Many suite quests either sail single (getting double points) or as the third person (at very cheap rates) and move up VERY quickly !!!
  5. Plus the cruise prices are now 200% what they were for the cruises we got the 125% FCC for !!!
  6. Yeah today I priced the lowest level suite on a cruise we are already booked on and it is almost exactly 2X the price of Aqua Class!!! Insane !!!
  7. I asked my TA yesterday and FCC's can be refunded (100% - not 125%).
  8. Actually it says nothing about "space available": In keeping with new health and safety standards, we’ll be tightly managing venue capacities. As a result, Zenith access to the lounge at The Retreat® and Michael’s Club will be limited to members staying in The Retreat until further notice. Our primary goal is to keep our guests and crew safe and healthy
  9. I believe this is because they are discontinuing the Captain's Club Celebration due to social distancing. They are replacing being called up on stage with the CD interview.
  10. What it said is that when you reach 6000 and 9000 points you will receive one free specialty restaurant visit. NOT every cruise after that - just one time !!!
  11. We will have to see what changes (if any) they make to the Zenith program to compensate for all the perks that everyone now gets !!! Will also see if Zeniths are kicked out of Michael's Club / The Retreat as rumored.
  12. Is the webinar only for travel agents? I am Zenith many times over and have no invite !!!
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