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  1. Has anyone ever seen NCL anything like a Black Friday deal on the purchase of cruise gift cards? There are other cruise lines that offer 10% off gift cards through various rewards programs but I have yet to see anything for NCL.
  2. I was on a 10 night Med and we only got the special one time. With that being said, I did pack some Tide sink packs and was able to hand wash a couple of smaller things when needed.
  3. I have one with the same initials (Are we not allowed to use real names?) In any event, I had never used her previously but need help in trying to plan cabins near each other so reached out to her since she is the one named on the emails I receive. Have never gotten a solicitation by phone from her. Well, she went above and beyond helping me track down latitude reward numbers for my sister in law (so she could get the 20% discount) who hadn't sailed with NCL since 1996 and had changed names since sailing then. She answered many question s back and forth through email all before we had even b
  4. for my 11 day 2021 cruise it also only lists Santorini as a tender port
  5. Does the corkage fee also come with a wine opener or is this something we should pack in our suitcases?
  6. We are planning a family cruise that would require 2 cabins, myself, DH, DS, Adult Daughter & Boyfriend. We are thinking of booking DH & boyfriend in one cabin and getting them both the drink package and then booking the other 3 of us in a separate cabin. DD and Myself would not really drink enough to get the full value of the package so it would be better for us to pa as we go. We are not looking at sharing the package with the guys but since I believe one person in a cabin cannot purchase the package without everyone doing so, I thought this would be a good solution. Any issues w
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