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  1. dycklg

    Across the "pond" in october

    Well we did it...my son and I. It was a wonderful experience. It's hard to describe the power of the Royal Clipper surging through the seas. We hit 10 knots at one time. We met lots of wonderful people, and ate a lot of great and plentiful food, and drank....well...we drank a lot!. The Royal Clipper is really an anachronism....its almost like going back in time. It is much different than a small sailboat, but romantic and wonderful in its own way. So....avast all ye landlubbers...cast off your troubles,leave your wordly good behind, and you will have a truly amazing time!:o
  2. dycklg

    Across the "pond" in october

    Thanks for the reply. We'll See you onboard. I'm really excited! Dick and Jeff
  3. My son and I are making the voyage from Lisbon the Barbados this fall. This was a gift from my wife for my 70th birthday. I waited 2 years, and finally invited any and all of my 4 children to make the trip...one accepted. I have always wanted to go transatlantic, and came close around 1998 with our own boat, but decided in the end that the sailing was actually better in the Caribbean in the winter, and the Northeast USA in the summer. We have been a sailing family for more than 35 years (11 boats--18'-58'). Now we will make the trip, and someone else will worry about the weather and the wind direction. And, I won't have to wipe the dishes, take out the trash, or dingy the dog ashore! Are there any special tips from those who have made the trip before. And, are there any posters who are making the trip with us?