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  1. If they had an American-type union, each of their positions would take about three or four people to fill one job. The cruiselines wouldn't stay in business long if that many berths were filled with crew. Face it, these folks aren't dummies. The crew members are members of respected unions (the Filipino Hotel Workers Union and the Indonesian Hotel & Cruise Ship Workers Union) and are part of a larger international union. The rank and file took a year to analyze the contract, then signed onto it and are willing to live with it. (It's my observation that it's the passengers who are doing all the hand-wringing.) Most people who go to a job every day think they deserve a better deal than what they're getting. That's why its called "work" instead of "vacation". Instead of agonizing over the crew conditions, why not pay attention to HAL's service level? If it's not satisfactory (for whatever root cause), simply give your business to some other line.
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