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  1. If you are female and are going to use driver's license and birth certificate....do you have to show proof of name change? Concerned for fellow cruiser who has been married/divorced twice...so she will need to bring proof of her name change on appropriate license/divorce papers.
  2. Have been to a couple of the beaches. Didn't like Junkaroo or whatever. Best beach by far that we loved was Cabbage Beach, It is right next the RUI on Paradise Island. It is a public beach but we never have had any issues. There are chair rentals and once took a memorable banana boat ride there. Taxi will take you for about $10 to the path to the beach. I agree with previous posters...you will not be disappointed with Cabbage Beach but you will with Junkkaroo.
  3. Book a night at Days Inn or Beachsides....I know Beachsides has cruise parking. One night there may be cheaper than parking at the port. That is really stupid that they charge that much.
  4. I was just in Nassau this month. They have torn down the previous check in point and the walk from the ship to the point of entry is at least 2 football fields with no where to sit or rest. This time I am going to be smart and have a wheelchair to get to that point and can push it myself once I am there. Have taken a transport wheelchair before and never had a problem with finding a taxi to take it but will probably stay in the shops area anyway. There aren't many shops open and the straw market is gone but I am taking my sister on this cruise and it will be her first time to see Nassau. Thanks so much for the suggestions and response!!!!!
  5. I sail on the Sunrise on Sept 25 and learned from my last cruise two weeks ago I will need a wheelchair in Nassau. Has anyone rented from Carnival's preferred vendor scootaround.com and if they deliver directly to the port or the cabin and how that went for you.
  6. Oh hell, don't tell anyone about this spot!!!!! Less known the better.
  7. If you have any mobility issues...even minor...I want to caution you about the very very long walk from the ship to Nassau proper. I have been to Nassau several time s. The little port housing is no longer there. We had to walk from the far end of the ship in the second or third slip to the long walk towards where the port house used to be...then walk the length of the ship again to get to the border check in. I have had back surgery and probably need to have my knees replaced. I am slightluy overweight but that is not what prevented me from making the walk. As long as I can sit down every 30-40 feet I am ok. THERE IS NO WHERE TO SIT OR REST ANYWHERE. A security guard saw we were in distress and after waiting for 30 minutes a golf cart came and took us the rest of the way. We had to wait at least another 30 minutes to get someone who took us back to our ship. I don't know why they don't have benches or seating somewhere along this long walk....there used to be benches under the canopies along the walk. PLEASE if you have any mobility issues...see if security can call for someone to transport you or be more proactive than me and rent yourself a wheelchair. Most of it is just solid concrete with no covering. Almost ruined my entire trip.
  8. We an 1130 show up time....the other posters are correct. I think EVERYONE had a show up time. We all herded into the chairs and waited and waited. I personally attributed it to being the second time Magic went out could be just Carnival. My big complaint however, is the lack of benches or respite seating from the point of riding the escalator up until you get to the gang plank. It must be a football field long and there is NO WHERE for those of us with bad backs, bad knees or conditions that making walking more than 50 feet at a time difficult. My husband and I thought we could make it but as soon as we got to the gangplank...finally....we were hurting so bad that the Carnival hosts let us use their chairs. We should have asked for a wheelchair and my DH and me would have switched off. I am surprised that no one has fallen out during this very long walk (probably length of a football field) that for some of us is difficult. They offered us a wheelchair but after 15 minutes of waiting before entering the gang plank we decided not to wait for a wheelchair anymore. Yes, should have asked for a wheelchair at the very beginning. Lesson learned and when I sail next month will do that. So,,,,if you have ANY mobility problems even minor I strongly suggest that you ask for wheelchair assistance when you get to the port. They have people that will take you all the way to the ship and you will be fast passed to checkin. We got smart and did that when we got off the ship....we never would have made it through the long walk and stand through custom lines. We are not big people but I have had three back surgeries in the past three years and look like I could make it but couldn.t Don't even get me started on Nassau....that was even worse and will save it for another post.
  9. We travel with our medications in the Sun-Sat containers. My husband has severe back pain and rheumatoid arthritis and occasionally takes Tramadol or oxy. THOSE meds we take in the prescription bottles. We didn't take them one cruise and he was miserable and I had him go get acupuncture at the Spa and it literally cost almost a thousand dollars so pack smartly. Anything narcotic or near narcotic should be taken in their bottles.
  10. Thanks for the information. I was confused about which Walgreens testing was the one to use. Checked with our Walgreens yesterday and they said lately the turnaround time is 4-5 days for PCR and the nearest BiMAX is three states away so it is going to be CVS for us.
  11. I am getting a test on Tuesday for a sale date of Thursday next week. I know I don't have to have one since we are sailing before the 14th but I am also sailing again the end of September so I want to "test " the test..... plus you never know if they decide to change things up again. Does anyone know if the results come over your smart phone and if that is all we need to present? Will they accept the rapid test? Have tried calling Carnival but....well you know how that is going right now.
  12. I agree. Am I worried about Delta...sure am. I can go without the shows, etc. I don't even go in that urine saturated pool. My husband and me only need our balcony and the sea, After months of chemo, surgeries and Covid...I will wear a mask anywhere to be able to have some serenity.
  13. Thank you so much for answering. You have made me feel much better for myself but concerned for cruisers subject to this. Stay safe!!!
  14. We are doing a resort day at RIU Palace. Had previously planned to go to Blue Lagoon but after reading posts, seeing pictures, I want more waves. We have been to Cabbage Beach and loved it but we know our knees will not take the hill up and down. Carnival doesn't have any excursions other than those listed so we went to day pass resorts and bought two day passes to RUI...easy cab ride there and back. What I really liked is that we pay a deposit now ($29) and the balance when we get to the resort. That way, if the weather is bad or whatever we aren't out a lot of money.
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