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  1. You have all got me confused…. Who is on the December 8th cruise? sheila
  2. If you have a pre existing condition…I do… and want to use my Sapphire credit card as my insurance, it will not cover my pre existing condition. It might cover another illness, that is not pre existing, that there is no medical record for. We use a travel insurance company that covers my pre existing condition when purchased within two weeks of my initial deposit. Otherwise it will not cover pre existing conditions either. Be very careful. Sheila
  3. Remember that credit cards do not cover pre existing conditions.
  4. If I remember correctly, Christmas decorations are put up just after Thanksgiving. We are also booked on this cruise. Hope we get to meet you. Sheila and Herb
  5. You are paying the big bucks for the cruise…. The teddy bear box is just an extra touch…..BTW…. Love the lip balm!
  6. Sailing on 12/8/21. Haven’t received anything yet.
  7. Hey Terri We will just wave to you….as we are sailing on Splendor just after you arrive in Miami. Sorry to miss you. sheila and Herb
  8. First Raddison cruise was on the Diamond December 1992. What memories! Best cruise ever…. sheila
  9. We have sailed in PHC suites on the Mariner several times. Both on deck 8 and 9. Loved it. We had no problem with the pole. We just booked a Mariner 2023 cruise in the Caribbean, and for a small addition in money, decided to book an aft Horizon Suite. The balcony looks fabulous. Any comments? Sheila.
  10. Lip balm, hand cream in a tube, sewing kit…can’t remember it all.
  11. Haven’t read anything new….same old, same old, rehashed by mostly the same folks. One person won’t cruise until the pandemic is over and masks are gone, another says he will cruise as long as Regent is sailing, no matter the rules. Each of us has our mind made up…we do….you all know our opinion…won’t rehash. Hope those who have given theirs, end the discussion.. until you have something new to offer. sheila
  12. First time I crossed the equator was in 1996 in Kenya. There was a young man who demonstrated how a toilet bowl swished from left to right and then the opposite on the other side of the line. We then received our certificates. Unforgettable! sheila
  13. I Always take the bear, never take the gift box…..only it’s contents. sheila
  14. You have no idea if the passenger loads were restricted or people didnt book these cruises.
  15. We have booked two Caribbean cruises on Grandeur in February and March 2024! 🙏🤞👍❤️🚢
  16. Thanks for you good wishes! May you both be blessed! sheila and herb
  17. Herb and I are in our eighties. We have had ongoing health issues for many years. We jut got our #3 vaccine this week. Doctors recommended to get it. We are planning to be on our December 8th Regent cruise. Not many years left to enjoy life! sheila
  18. Count me in as an escargot lover! Garlic and butter sauce…and bread for dipping! Can’t wait to enjoy it again.
  19. OMG…saw it also! 🤞you continue to be on the fringes with no heavy duty waves!
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