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  1. Top tier event with drinks at 5:00 on first sea day in Boleros. Meal with an officer on last sea day with limited chops menu with wine.
  2. Empress is doing a very short dry dock to do something related to their stabilizers in 2019. I just heard that this week when I was on the Empress. I don’t recall when it’s going to be.
  3. I wonder what would happen in Vegas if someone organized a slot pull and put their own card in a machine?
  4. The Casino Royale terms and conditions specify that an individual cannot earn points on anyone else’s play. All the slot pulls I’ve been involved with state that no cards can be inserted in the machine.
  5. On the Irma extended 10-day cruise on Oasis in 2017, they did not allow anyone not currently onboard or booked for the following shortened cruise to book. We asked if our daughter could pay to join me and they said no.
  6. Most received 10 points. If you continued on the 4 day cruise, you received 7 points for the first week and 7 for the 4 day cruise.
  7. Earlier this year a phone representative told me the same thing when I added the ultimate package for our daughter to our reservation at the last minute. The representative said I could only reserve for her for 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm for the entire week and she wouldn’t be able to eat with us unless we changed our reservation. I told her that wasn’t true and she kept arguing it was. I finally said whatever, and, of course, could change all our times onboard. For added hilarity, she also said I had to buy the ultimate package for my 6 month old grandson. I talked her out of that after I kept telling her that he didn’t eat any solid food and that he would probably be in the nursery during dinner.
  8. The drink package on Mariner was $82 pp (saw a sign in the Bamboo Room). I overheard a bartender talking to a couple and he said gratuities were extra! He also said the second person would be half off. That’s not the way the bogo half off usually works on Royal Caribbean so I don’t know what the total price for two actually would be. The couple didn’t buy the package. Fortunately we had already purchased the package for $46 pp plus gratuitiEs. It was a shock to see that sign.
  9. I’ve been on the Mariner twice with the unlimited package. Jamie’s was available for lunch and included with the package when we were in Nassau. Playmakers was open starting at 1:30. I know lunch was included on Cococay day in May, but I didn’t pay any attention to its availability this past weekend.
  10. Was anyone on Empress left behind at Cococay Sunday? I ask because I was on Mariner at the pool bar around your departure time and crew members were walking around the pool asking if anyone was from the Empress. A crew member was also making announcements that the Empress was leaving soon and her passengers needed to leave immediately.This went on for at least 20 minutes. It was so loud at the pool bar that I’m not sure if most people heard the announcements. BTW, I’m getting on Empress when you get off. Unfortunately we won’t be going to Cococay.
  11. The Izumi dinner is a prix fixe three or four course dinner that, I believe, can only be booked online. Diners can continue to order from the Izumi a la carte menu on board. I was confused too when this menu item first appeared on the cruise planner last year, but I have been on multiple ships with an Izumi restaurant (including Symphony). The standard a la carte menu was offered, and the price fixe meal was never offered on the menu or mentioned.
  12. I was just on the Celebrity Edge sailing in Spain and Portugal. No visa necessary for US citizens.
  13. There is no charge for snorkeling if you bring your own equipment. You can just walk into the water and snorkel whenever you want. There are a couple wrecks further off shore. Not sure how to give you directions.
  14. I think you’ll like the location and the cabin furnishings. You’re also a short elevator ride to the Boleros aft seating area and a great view of the wake.
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