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  1. I think he meant having the initial shot, waiting three weeks to have the second shot, then waiting two weeks to be fully vaccinated. That’s five weeks, just like the sequence for your child.
  2. Royal did not grant any leeway for kids when they required everyone 16 and above and later 12 and above to get vaccinated before cruising. When I was on the June 19 Adventure sailing, several families had teenagers caught in the gap of not having enough time to be fully vaccinated before their cruise. Some families canceled their cruise and received a refund. Others were able to move their cruise to a later date. In the 12 year old and up category, I read several accounts of families not being able to cruise because their child could not be fully vaccinated before their cruise. As someone posted earlier, Royal may not be as aggressive in mandating vaccination without a grace period because of the number of families traveling with children during the holidays.
  3. That wouldn’t work. They would put the tattoo on vaccinated passengers.
  4. These were introduced on the second Celebrity Edge sailing. Passengers complained repeatedly at guest services. Next sailing they were gone. Check in staff for Mariner said they are being used now because “Men have big wrists and the previous bands were too small.” Also here’s a pattern based on three previous sailing on Royal this summer. If you ask any staff member why the vaccinated need to wear bands, the answer is always that the sailing has two unvaccinated adults.
  5. Unvaccinated children on cruises of more than five days have to take an antigen test in order to disembark. Our grandson had to have the test on the second to the last day. We received the results via email within a couple of hours.
  6. They do rapid PCR tests. They are very expensive if you have one done privately. The ones are the drug store take 1-2 days.
  7. I think the Adventure Ocean experience is dependent on the ship, number of children on the ship, and ship protocols. We were on the Adventure of the Seas in June. Our grandson was a few weeks away from his third birthday and was not eligible for Adventure Ocean. The ship did not have a program for under threes. We talked to a parent of two elementary school age children and she said the program was almost empty due to low numbers of kids onboard. She could have booked them any number of hours. She also said they had to wear masks and had to stay six feet apart at all times even though they were siblings and the only kids in the program. We were on the Odyssey of the Seas a couple weeks ago and he could go to Adventure Ocean. We were initially given 18 hours for the week so we booked the 7-10 time slot. By the next day we could have booked as much time as we needed. We did end up booking a couple sessions until midnight and we brought him in later those nights. When he was in the program, there was never more than one child with him. The counselor told us most kids were coming in the day time , but they were never full. Masks were required at all times. The counselors were very hands on. Our grandson brought back very elaborate art projects and he loved going there. You could tell the two young women working with his age group really loved kids and were very interested in making sure the kids we’re having a good time. Our concern was that the kids could only bring water to the program and no snacks. Nothing to eat or drink was provided. We couldn’t bring and bedding and nothing to sit on was provided. I’m not sure if that was standard in the past as he had only been the infant program until now. The play area had lots of kitchen and related sets built in to the wall , but no utensils or tools to play with. There were not any blocks or games out, either. So it was a very sterile environment. All in all it was a good experience for all of us. He enjoyed it and we could have child free time. Some parents did have the kids in the program while they did unrestricted shore excursions. I don’t know how the program handled food during those extended hours. They probably took them to the windjammer, which was not open at night.
  8. If you had your test at cvs, create a MyChart account. Go to test results and see what pops up. It should be a one page document with your name and test results. You can also go to share my results and follow the prompts to print out a long form of the results.
  9. What you said is true; however, children 12 and above will all vaccinated, just like adults. These 12-17 year olds are considered minors and cannot have their own account. There parents are interested in learning how to add them to their profiles.
  10. I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong, but I think they are only licensed to show two nfl games at the same time.
  11. We booked our b2b late. Our second boarding time is 2:00. Assuming we get tested by 10 to 11, we’ll have to wait several hours to reboard. I assume we can’t leave the terminal. We’ll probably cancel our second cruise.
  12. I am just guessing, but the mask mandate is probably due to two vaccinated passengers who were diagnosed with covid a couple weeks ago. One of the passengers has been posting here about their transit home. I agree that it’s an over reaction, but Royal probably thought they had to do something because of the variant.
  13. Yes, Global Entry was available.
  14. Our grandson’s test was provided by his pediatrician’s office at no charge. The office provided his test results with the processing lab listed. There is a pediatric urgent care chain in central Florida called Night Lite Pediatrics that provides antigen and pcr tests. I don’t know if they charge for a travel related test or not.
  15. I was on the Adventure of the Seas in June. As an added level of caution, the ship was no longer selling OTC remedies for cold, sore throat, fever, cough, stomach ailments, etc. They even provided this information prior to boarding. Passengers were advised that they had to go to the infirmary to obtain these items.
  16. That type of transportation home is currently required by the CDC’s CSO (conditional Sail Order). That will change soon, I believe. The refund was part of Royal Caribbean’s stated policy for guests who contract covid. The future cruise certificate? Maybe to calm her down?
  17. I believe the line is outside of the terminal, right off the parking lot.
  18. They can make mistakes. We renewed our platinum M-Life card at the Mirage. As we were walking away, we noticed that they had given us the wrong card. We got it corrected immediately and walked away with Platinum cards.
  19. You do not need to stay at an MGM in order to get a card or use the perks.
  20. Several weeks ago Michael Bayley, President of Royal Caribbean International, shared on his social media page that he was expecting the CDC to reduce the threshold for mask-wearing to 75% vaccinated. Maybe not happening due to the variant?
  21. I assume you didn’t administer the test yourself. Here in Florida at CVS pcr covid tests are observed, but self-administered.
  22. They were both nasal swabs (pre boarding and mid-cruise) and they were both antigen tests on the Adventure out of Nassau. We also had to bring PCR test results (administered at his doctor’s office) for our grandson for boarding. He had a lot of apprehension before each of the tests, but truthfully he was all smiles after the tests. The mid-cruise test that we all had to take was just a tickle. It was administered by the contract test providers on board.
  23. Children are receiving a nasal swab antigen test. Nasal swabs are no longer invasive. On the Adventure of the Seas, adults also received them mid-cruise and there was nothing to it.
  24. In answer to your question about why aren’t they giving antigen tests to passengers at the British Colonial? As you know, originally vaccinated persons did not need to take a test. Then at the last minute they decided to give the antigen test to all June 12 passengers at the British Colonial. That probably took time and Royal had to pay for the tests. Again at the very fast minute, Royal emailed my June 19 sailing to tell us to bring printed PCR test results taken within the infamous 5 days before arriving in the Bahamas. That decision kept anyone from flying into the Bahamas with Covid, streamed lined the boarding process, and shifted the cost of the test to the passengers.
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