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  1. Alaska prices rarely drop due to the demand...good thing you booked a year out! We are going on Ovation soon and we booked back in February 2018!
  2. Thank you for these! We leave in 3 weeks and this will be some good reading before we head out!
  3. Great post and review, and pics! Thank you for sharing. One of my coworkers was on this 7/26 sailing and he had a blast! We sail in a few weeks on 8/30, can't wait!!! So excited!!!
  4. It was me 🙂 Thanks! The Ovation of the Seas group on Facebook now has that pic... not sure if you're a part of it or on Facebook but thanks for letting the group admin borrow it!
  5. What time do they change these? I always wondered... 🙂 I don't like seeing the last day before the cruise ends!
  6. This is super helpful, thank you!!! We are considering putting our 20 month old in adventure ocean...so we'll see what info i find out 🙂
  7. @Hoopster95 The group admin of the Ovation of the Seas facebook group is asking if we can use the first pic on this thread (Ovation with Mountains in the background) as the cover photo. I wanted to check with you first. I also gave you picture credit of the pic you took of Ovation docked in Seattle and share it with not only my friends on facebook but also the Royal Caribbean Crown and Anchor society group as well as the Ovation of the Seas group. And another kudos to you all for this wonderful thread, I referenced it in the comments as well for the 2 public group posts.
  8. Yessss! I'm getting hungry just thinking about it 😛 Love the theme lunches/dinner idea, that'll make things interesting on a daily basis and definitely compete with the MDR... we typically swing by the MDR on a daily basis to see what their offerings are... we are vegetarian so we have to be a bit more selective in where we eat... if there isn't anything good we just hit up the WJ... never been disappointed in it. I think we may do MDR on formal night... which I think there are typically 2 on a 7-night sailing...
  9. Will do! Appreciate this insight... fingers crossed that it still works lol
  10. Good to know about the WJ... we have actually enjoyed the buffet quite a bit in past cruises over MDR... it's fast, easy, more selection and good food. While I definitely enjoy the sit-down experience at the MDR, why take 2-3 hours to eat when it can be done in less than 1 hour! It looks like the WJ on Ovation is nicely organizsed... do you know if they had Indian food any of the days in the WJ? I love cruise ship Indian food... oh and Mexican too! How were those offerings if you noticed and tried the food?
  11. Perfect, thank you! Totally worth it...hopefully it works better than VOOM lol I hope you guys are enjoying your last night on the cruise... I know it's sad..but as they be happy that it happened and not sad that it's over... thanks again for the wonderful review and information, it definitely helped a lot of folks including myself. I am still 3 months away from Ovation but hope to tour it in July! Safe travels home all, I hope you enjoy your stay in my hometown city of Seattle... it was beautiful today, back to 60s/cloudy tomorrow/Friday though... shoot!
  12. Is the package $8 for the whole week? I thought I saw someone post about that earlier in the thread... we are sailing in August as well and won't be getting Voom since we like to disconnect on cruises...but definitely want to stay in touch with our group via texting on the Royal iQ app... we have Apple phones as well so it'll be interesting to see what iMessage can/cannot do.
  13. That's a lot of sailing to get to a glacier where they only spent a few minutes it seems like... how long were you guys at that glacier? The ship did one spin and it left? lol
  14. Wow... just caught up on the 20+ unbelievable pages of amazing content, pictures and videos. Kudos to hoopster, twangster, biker and others who have contributed to this most amazing thread. I don't think I've ever seen anything like it on CC, where there are multiple folks contributing to 1 thread with such great stuff... I'll be on Ovation on 8/30 so I am sure I'll have all sorts of information and experiences from folks and what to do, when to do it, where to do it, and how to do it... definitely want to try the Escape room and Wonderland if it's vegetarian friendly... would be a fun experience. Looking forward to reading about the last few days... as Ovation now heads into my hometown Seattle for the summer. We are excited to have this ship in our backyard!!
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