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  1. I am only taking a very small amount. Her ashes are being split between myself, my sister and my dad. :) so a small amount of the ashes I get will be going. The rest are staying in an urn.
  2. I read there is no law against scattering them on land. Just as long as they are 200ft away from water or 3 miles off the coast. I would love to have contact with someone at Royal that actually knows what I'm talking about
  3. I will be sailing on the Explorer of the Seas inn sept 8th to Alaska. My mom passed away on Sunday and I want to scatter her ashes somewhere in Alaska. Can anyone tell me if they have done this on mendehall glacier or in any other area of Alaska and what I need to do in order to do it. I called RCCL 4 separate times yesterday. Each customer service person acted as if they had no clue what I was asking when I asked about arranging to have them scattered off the ship. I was placed on hold numerous times and gave up. I figure I will try to just do something in alaska. We are going to Mendenhall and I figured that would be nice. I sent an email to the forest service asking what to do. That's what I found as a contact for Mendenhall glacier park. Any advice is welcome. Her dream was to go to Alaska so I want to make this happen
  4. That is very helpful! I know On past cruises the buffets were closed by 9 so that's good there are options. Im glad to hear about the dj!
  5. I'll be on the September 8 sailing to Alaska from Seattle. I've always done Caribbean cruises so this is all very new to me so I hope some of you can answer questions for me. 1. Is the drink package worth it? It's on sale right now and I'm considering getting it. 2. What do they do for dinner on the nights you don't get back from port until 8:30-9:00? Most dining rooms and buffets are closed at 9. 3. Are there shows on those nights? 4. I see they took the nightclub out. Is there ANY nightlife that a 30 year old single woman would enjoy? 5. Do they offer the same drinks that are on caribbean cruises? I don't care if its cold. I want a pina colada! 6. Is this type of cruise going to be mainly older people? Just trying to get an idea of what to expect. I love cruising for the buffets, drink and hot tubs, Watching karaoke and going to comedy shows at night along with the club are my favorite things and just not sure if this cruise is going to be what I'm used to :)
  6. Where have you guys been able to find "flame retardanf" door decorations? I've waited years to celebrate a birthday onboard and I will be celebrating my 30th on the paradise in may. I am buying carnivals decorations for inside my room but would love to put some cutout signs and stuff on the door.
  7. I'll look up the La Quinta for sure. I've never been to The Butcher and the Bee. Hmmm sounds like a must try!
  8. We are going on the Splendor in April and need to find a hotel that has parking for the length of our cruise and s shuttle to the port. We stayed at the Holiday Inn at the Port in 2013 but that room is $270 a night for the Saturday we are going! Does anyone know of any cheaper hotels? We will just be staying the night before our cruise. Thanks in advance!
  9. Thanks for all the replies. I think we will plan to get there early and be prepared to wait and hope for the best.
  10. That post talks about an email. We got a pre-recorded phone call. Wondering if that's what they're doing instead of the email.
  11. We are sailing on the liberty on Saturday. We all got calls stating that embarkation would begin at 1:30 due to a "mandatory coast guard drill". Has anyone else received a call like this before?
  12. Even if we have already paid gratuities in our original booking? Why can't they transfer that over?
  13. Hey everyone! We are booked on the 9-28-13 sailing ofnthe Liberty out of Miami. We got some on board credit and decided to try and do an upgrade from interior to balcony room. After spending more than 2 hours on the phone with a supervisor and the solutions department I have no success. We paid for the booking in full new have paid a toal of $1629.72 with our gratuities included. A balcony cabin is 1818.50 making it around $189 difference. The person I spoke to said they can't transfer gratuities and we have to add an additional $240.50 on top of the 1818.72. Even though we have paid them already making it a difference of $430 we owe. Can anyone offer advice?
  14. Is it safe to walk around there? Also, any idea water taxi rates? Whats a good beach for swimming?
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