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  1. Tigergrl - thanks for the great info. We are on same Getaway 3/10 cruise. Currently in minisuite midship balcony and had bid on Spa Haven and Courtyard Haven at $550 and $600 each respectively. Just increased my spa bid to $620 and courtyard to $650. Hope that is enough to get one of them. THANKS.
  2. Jamie - on my cruise on 3/10 Getaway, the retail price on Haven categories has dropped but the BID amount minimums has NOT dropped. So I reduced my amount a bit so that if my offer is accepted, I won't be paying the same amount as the reduced minimums and still not get all the new Haven perks.
  3. Booked on 3/10 Getaway midship balcony. Price on Spa Haven reduced to $2250, so reduced bid down to $500, since price difference now is just $900. Also bid on courtyard Haven at $600 since that was reduced to $2650. My bid would be 50% of the difference. The upgrade meter shows them both in the High Poor to Low fair category. Availability is still good, with about 40 percent still available in both categories.
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