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  1. "I think she might be going to Jacksonville to serve as a hotel" Wouldn't that expose the ship & crew to covid ?
  2. We too are on the December 21 Splendor sailing. It will sail.
  3. Hard to believe no drinks up at the bar. But, I would rather be at sea, cruising with Regent than not cruising at all.
  4. In San Juan, the walk from the ship to the taxis can be a long one. Our butler gladly carried our two golf bags from the suite to the limo no problem. It was quite a sight, the man in a tuxedo as a caddy.I wish he could have caddied for us at Dorado Beach.
  5. Please,please do not suggest taking children on Regent cruises.
  6. If they will sail with only 50% capacity for safety sake, how will they decide who to bump from sold out cruises ? For example, the Christmas cruises are always sold out or nearly so. Will they select by accommodation or by status on Regent or by when the booking was made, or what ? The travel agents will be as angry as the bumped passengers.
  7. Selling ships, assets, furnishings, etc can raise some funds but only when there are buyers. This time around there might not be anyone in the market.
  8. They may or may not close up, but bankruptcy does not necessarily mean Regent would stop cruising. The bankruptcy process and the creditors would determine if any refunds were available to those with deposits down.
  9. Splendor December 21 ,2020 Caribbean Christmas cruise 14 days.
  10. A couple years ago, Seabourn moved all Caribbean departures and arrivals to Barbados. That may change, but right now their cruises begin and end away from Florida.
  11. I agree with Marc. This thread was trashed by politics. I hope those Florida bashers will stick with Regent and do come back to Florida for great embarkations. NBC News with Lester Holt last night did a piece showing big crowds bunched in at the Farmers Market in Los Angeles,his point being that the west coast is not exempt from criticism. I look forward to many more happy cruises with all of you.
  12. On the Sirena, the butlers returned to India today. All the Philippine staff are staying on board because they cannot travel back to their country. The entertainers such as the string quartet are staying on board because they cannot travel back to Ukraine.Most of the crew will simply stay in place but some who finished contracts will attempt to travel if regulations permit.
  13. As mentioned, no one at all was ill on the Sirena cruise. The only incident of note was that the piano player fell down and broke his wrist. The Antigua government would not allow him off the boat for treatment so he had to wait 4 days until Miami for treatment. I think there was a visa issue. It will be interesting to see if anyone becomes ill after the disembarkation because Oceania was very good about sanitizing everything on board all day long. It's a good cruise line.
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