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  1. We have been to St Barts too many times. Really nothing to do there and you can cover the town quickly. It is a tender port from pretty far out and is often cancelled due to swells or rough weather. I don't think it is a great loss to miss this stop.
  2. Voyager a really good cruise experience. First rate.
  3. There will be beautiful Christmas decorations almost everywhere on The Explorer. Music in some locales, but not overwhelming. Very festive.
  4. Oceania and Regent both excellent imo. Great food, great cultures and itineraries and passengers.
  5. And as mentioned above, it is a new ship. The injured pax evacuated by helicopter to hospitals and the ship now towed by two tugs into port.
  6. I don't think it has changed that much over the years. Mostly people in their seventies with some older and some younger. Mostly American and the British countries but with a wonderful variety mixed in. A very compatible group overall.
  7. Keep the plastic bottles. Really useful on tour, in the gym, at the track and in the suites. Easy to chill or re-chill.
  8. Today is a sea day sailing from Puerto Montt to San Antonio (Santiago) for disembarkation. We are completely enclosed by fog and the ships horn is getting lots of use. Nothing scenic, but Bill could pick up some extra cash cleaning windows. A good cruise for 16 days about to be over.
  9. Ditto to the comments about the Explorer windows needing more washing. They sometimes wash the upper deck windows and the dirty water settles on the windows below. Dinner in Chartreusse last nightcould hardly see the beautiful scenery due to really dirty windows. But overall, Regent does a great job.
  10. Just be careful of the suite location on Explorer as on all ships. We are currently on Explorer and have t of loud noise above our suite,mostly from the pantry.
  11. Some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Wish it were a little warmer down here.
  12. UUNet, did you really think they would put Clemson folks in the brochures?
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