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  1. The answer is always the same. Money.
  2. they kept the money for as long as they could get away with it.
  3. Will Regent cancel the Christmas cruises this week ? Final payments were due last week.
  4. Too bad that final payments are due 120 days ahead. Payments are coming due now for late February and March 2021, and we really don't know Regent's financial position coming up.
  5. Regent started taking dining reservations this morning for the Splendor December 21 cruise.
  6. The Beatles "Here Comes the Sun" . This was the sail away song for the old Royal Viking Sun in the nineties.
  7. Excellent post. The new plan should be released around Sept. 21 .
  8. If this information is correct, the news is quite profound since cool lay up would idle the ships for months. Many cruisers are still holding out that their December trips may happen. This article dashes their hopes. And Regent isn't coming forth.
  9. For us, the main enjoyment is cruising and time on the ship . The exceptions are the wonderful land tours in foreign ports.
  10. Travel agent told us a few hours ago. It's in writing, but you should obviously check with your own advisor. They might have different information.
  11. That penalty of losing the deposit may be unique to the UK. It is thousands of dollars. In the U.S we are told the penalty up to 60 days final payment date is $100 per person and the deposit is returned. After 60 day date, the big penalties kick in. So it appears that Regent is delaying as long as possible any cancellation info so they can use the deposits longer.
  12. Yes, if Splendor comes back from east coast Italy.
  13. So you don't think Regent will be sailing the holidays December 2020 ?
  14. Salads, fruits, veggies....all delicious. Maybe some pasta.
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