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  1. For December 20th Explorer, Regent dropped the two best ports, Barbados and Aruba. They added a Bahamas beach instead. Several other changes. Dropped St.Kitts. Possibly all this is due to local governments. But, why hasn't Regent offered new tours to select ? Poor timing and commnuication imo.
  2. The December 20 Explorer cruise is scheduled to stop at St Vincent which has been devastated by volcanic eruption. Anyone think we will go there ? Is regent allowing passengers to hire private drivers on these islands ?
  3. The problem for us, many times, is actually getting off the ship. You may stand in the lobby for an hour or more before they let you off.
  4. Many times on Regent over the holidays. The lobby, bars and other areas will be decorated beautifully. Huge tree, electric trains, ginger bread house, festive decor. Music is both secular and religious. Special menus . Then for New Years eve , a well attended party with dancing and costumes. Party gifts in the dining rooms. Regent has done a great job for optimum holiday spirit in the past, but who knows what covid will bring this year. We will be there on Explorer.
  5. Will all those Caribbean ports be open to cruises by November ?
  6. The vax is free, successful, proven safe and important to community safety. I agree with the posters who want their fellow pax vaccinated. Regent cruises are special. Inconsiderate folks can go elsewhere.
  7. The Barcelona pickpockets are among the best in the world. Look out for the children !
  8. Sometimes a TA can get you an upgrade or other benefits.
  9. Favorites 1. Venice to Mombasa 2. Hong Kong to Bombay 3. Sydney to New Zealand to Perth 4. Sydney to Saipan to Iwo Jima to Shanghai 5. All Norway cruises
  10. I think this headline may be harsh and unfair. The traveler may be in error about the site used and the accusations against Regent may be incorrect. It's unfortunate that there is an issue, but don't blame Regent until all the facts are known. Many of us here routinely make bookings with Regent and then switch to a TA with no problem. Good luck in sorting it out and have a great cruise.
  11. they kept the money for as long as they could get away with it.
  12. Will Regent cancel the Christmas cruises this week ? Final payments were due last week.
  13. Too bad that final payments are due 120 days ahead. Payments are coming due now for late February and March 2021, and we really don't know Regent's financial position coming up.
  14. Regent started taking dining reservations this morning for the Splendor December 21 cruise.
  15. The Beatles "Here Comes the Sun" . This was the sail away song for the old Royal Viking Sun in the nineties.
  16. Excellent post. The new plan should be released around Sept. 21 .
  17. If this information is correct, the news is quite profound since cool lay up would idle the ships for months. Many cruisers are still holding out that their December trips may happen. This article dashes their hopes. And Regent isn't coming forth.
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