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    Oman Day tours

    Hi , We are on the Celebrity Constellation sailing from Abu Dhabi on January 5, 2019 . We are interested in the Wadi Shab day tour through Oman Tours on January 8th . We are looking for 2 or 4 people to join us . http://www.omandaytours.com/detail.php?t=MjEtV2FkaS1TaGFiLSg0V0QpLUNvYXN0YWwtVHJlay06TXVzY2F0LVRvdXJzLmh0bWw=
  2. We will be disembarking from the Celebrity Summit on August 2,2009. Does anyone know if Celebrity offers a free water shuttle service to San Marco Square, or is each person responsible for their own transportation?We are staying at the Westin Europa for two additional nights and would like to know if we should book a water taxi in advance( I have been qouted 90 euro) or we can take the Alilguana for 6.50 euro ( each). If we take the Alilguana does anyone know if it is a difficult walk to find the Westin.We will have luggage What do you suggest?