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  1. Happy to hear that Steve Hites is still doing his onboard show in Skagway. We make sure and catch him every time we're on a Princess cruise to Alaska.
  2. Hi Norris, Thanks for the update. I was wondering about this years Bayreuth Festival. At least you and Carol are still at the front of the queue. Hopefully your October cruise will sail as scheduled. I don't think I'm ready to book a cruise just yet. Too many uncertainies for me right now. Please post a link to it here when you do your Gentleman's Journal from it. I don't want to miss it! John
  3. I actually have two vaccination cards, one for each time I went. All that was on the cards they gave me was the peeled off sticker with the lot # information. I had to fill in everything else myself. Even the Heathcare Professional or Clinic Site was left for me to fill out. I wound up writing SVNA in that space, since I received my shots through the Seattle Visiting Nurses Association.
  4. Concerning traveling through Canadian waters to get to Alaska from Seattle... I'm far from an expert, but I believe the Canadian order specifically states that Innocent Passage is allowable through Canadian waters. Which means that cruise ships will be able to transit through Canadian waters in the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Outbound traffic is on the Canadian side, and inbound traffic is on the US side. Seattle cruises hardly ever sailed up the Canadian Inside Passage anyway, opting for the faster route out in the Pacific Ocean.
  5. Probably the Mexican Riviera out of LA. We haven't seen our relatives in Southern California in quite awhile now. So this would combine visiting with them and going on a warm destination cruise.
  6. That's true. I would imagine that the seating arrangements in the MDR on cruise ships will look different when sailing resumes. That might be a good thing for people like me who have always followed social distancing.
  7. Personally, I would like to see more "real" tables for two in the MDR. My wife and I prefer to have a quiet dinner, and not have to engage in conversation with strangers. Most of the tables for two on Princess are a joke. Some are literally three inches from another table for two. It's impossible to have a nice private conversation with just your spouse. I realize many people enjoy a large table and getting to know their table mates. But there are plenty of introverts such as ourselves who are very uncomfortable in that situation.
  8. Thank you for this very informative thread. You're descriptions of the various Covid procedures were much appreciated, and your photos were terrific!
  9. This is on Baja Deck 11 - Forward. There is a similar deck on Caribe Deck 10 - Forward.
  10. Cruising through the Panama Canal on the Coral Princess. A bunch of the crew members went up to the bow of the ship and posed for some photos. The passengers on deck all applauded them and thanked them for the great job they were all doing for us. It was magical.
  11. We had three sunny days in a row on that trip: Juneau, Glacier Bay and Sitka. It was actually in the mid 70's in Juneau. Terrific weather for May! I wasn't aware that you couldn't book a specific cabin on the HAL website. That seem very odd. I don't mind booking guarantees, since we always book insides, and it doesn't matter where we are on the ship.
  12. Good news about the Bayreuth Festival. Happy to hear that you won't lose your place in line, after waiting so long. We enjoyed our cruise on the Eurodam. There were a few things that I thought they did better than Princess, and other things I prefer the Princess way. We would definitely sail HAL again if we found a great deal. But we still prefer Princess. It seems a better match for us, overall. Sitka was the main reason we did chose HAL for that cruise. Princess hardly goes there. I though it was a terrific port. It felt more like the "real" Alaska to us. Not a Diamonds International in sight. Compact downtown with lots of history and friendly people. If you're interested, here is a link to the photos I took that day: Sitka
  13. Hi Norris and Carol, I was just thinking about you the other day. I remembered reading in one of your cruise reviews that you had finally gotten tickets for this year's Wagner Bayreuth Festival. It bummed me out thinking that after all those years of waiting, the Festival was probably going to be cancelled. If it is I hope that all those who were able to get tickets this year will get first option for tickets to next year's Festival. Anyway, back to cruising. Barbara and I went on our third Alaska cruise last May. It was our first time on Holland America, and also our first visit to Sitka (which quickly became my favorite Alaskan port of call). Little did we know at the time that it would be our last cruise for the foreseeable future. John
  14. Road Tripping is my first love, and our main form of vacation. Been doing it since the 1970's. My wife and I have driven across the US six times, drove the Trans-Canada all the way to Quebec, took the Alaska Highway from one end to the other. Been to all 50 states, and 46 of the 61 National Parks. It's something we really enjoy. There is soooo much beauty to see in the US and Canada. We started cruising in 1991 and were instantly hooked. It took us to places we couldn't easily drive to. I always treated it as a moving hotel room that took me to amazing destinations. But, if I had to choose just one, I would pick a road trip any day. The freedom you get hopping in the car and seeing where that bend in the road takes you is unmatched, in my opinion.
  15. I totally agree with this. My wife and I went on our first HAL cruise last year. For the most part we really enjoyed it, except for the buffet. We did not like the setup there at all. First you had to wait in a long, slow moving line to get up to the servers. Then you had to look over the menu that was posted. You couldn't see what any of the food items were until the server put it on the plate. Many times something sounded good, but after you got it it wasn't appealing. Plus, there was no portion control. The server would just plop a large portion of everything you asked for on the plate. It made for a messy, unappealing plate of food, in my opinion. What I've always liked about the Princess buffet is being able to look over everything that was on offer, and picking a small sample of things that looked good to me. Then I would go back for seconds of the things I really liked. That was impossible to do on HAL.
  16. Excellent news. I know how much you and Carol were looking forward to returning there. Enjoy!
  17. Another excellent review, Mr. Winks. Wonderful photos, too. Looking forward to the rest.
  18. Excellent "live-ish". Great photos. My wife and I have done the Mexican Riviera many times, but not on a Royal class ship yet.
  19. I agree with Norris about going to the buffet for dinner if you're in an especially scenic area at dinner time. The buffet usually isn't as crowded for dinner and finding a window table is easy. And it's very convenient to quickly pop out and take a few outdoor pictures when something catches your eye. My wife and I discovered this when we went to Alaska and didn't want to miss out on the scenery. It works well for us.
  20. Seems to be fixed for me as well.
  21. Glad to hear I'm not the only one having problem with Princess.com. I haven't been able to get pricing on any cruise for nearly a week now. I get the Pricing Not Available error code every time, even on my saved cruises. I've cleared my cache and cookies and it's still not working. Very frustrating!
  22. Norris, Thanks again for another fabulous review. And as always, your photos are spectacular. Never been to Norway, and I doubt we ever will. But you brought me there. And your London photos brought back fond memories of the 2 visits we had to that incredible city. Your Sky Princess review reminder is already on my 2020 calendar. See you there. John
  23. "Road Trip!" Two of my favorite words ... along with "Sail Away". We just got back from 4 days on the Oregon Coast. Enjoy your time in Michigan.
  24. Thanks for the link. Great photos. I've driven large chunks of The Mother Road, mostly in the West. Although I did do a bit of it in Springfield, Illinois. Here's a link to my Flickr album about Route 66: Route 66 (BTW, I noticed that you have two different Flickr profiles. I've been following your other one for quite awhile now. Didn't know about the one with the Route 66 link, though. I'm now following that one as well. I need to go back and check out some of your other albums. Lots of good stuff there!)
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