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  1. Carnival is thinking business wise! If getting the discount of a few bucks is the make or break part of the deal (which more than likely it will and would be) then they would be happier giving the discount to all involved (to a degree) then to lose out on the money. Its a thing of losing a hundred $ or so, or losing out on a sail all together! My business partners and I are doing the same kind of thing right now. We run our own wrestling promotion in Michigan and a new venue came up. My trainer (one of the partners) and I have both worked a show at this venue before and the turnout for fans was very low (low probably isnt even the best word to describe it. Turnout was that bad!) So, to just fill more seats, we are offering a BOGO (buy 1 get 1) We are not offering that at any other venue, just this one... It will help us get bodies in seats and could be the deal breaker with somone coming to a show or not.
  2. MDD is the same thing as sailors legs, isnt it? I've never experienced that i know of, i might move side to side a lil but no one has ever said anything to me about it. I was in the Marines for 4 yrs and was on a few ships...
  3. Not sure as to exact road name, but you go straight up the road by the pier. Then hang a left... If that really helps at all! lol The museum was nice. And like others have said, its cheaper to do on your own. You can go thru it at your own pace. My wife and i discovered online what they do for the 'tour' and we did it on our own... Saved some money too!!!
  4. First off, you DO NOT get charged for the time it takes some to call you and leave a message on your voicemail. I have NEVER been charged for that! You are only charged if you USE your phone. Its all part of the data and voice system. If you ignore the caller and it goes to YOUR v-mail, then you have not used any data or voice! Contact your PHONE provider and ask them about the specifics, but that is how sprint told me it works. And i know thats how it works with verizon since i have worked there...
  5. Be lucky your times have only changed twice... We booked in February for our cruise next month on the Glory. Got tickets thru Orbitz for AirTran. I get an email 2 - 3 times a week with changes to my return flight. Its always by either 3,4, or 5 minutes. Either up or down... Not a big headache though. IF it was the arrival flight, then i'd be quite disturbed!
  6. We try to fly in the night before just to be safe. We were lucky we did that last year for our cruise. This year we are flying out the day of, only becuase its nonstop and early in the morning...
  7. I was told by my PVP that the discount is only really good if you are still in service. Not saying that they wont give it to us vets, just the benefits are great if you were to get deployed, activated, or your leave got denied. Its just like getting the insurance added, thats pretty much all. I tried to upgrade for my cruise in 5 wks (cant wait, first 7 day cruise and first time with a balcony... BALCONY CLUB HERE I COME... OOHRAH!!!) and they asked if i was a vet, but then when they looked at my booking, they discovered i already had insurance... So it wouldnt have been much of a difference between having the discount and not having it... i think it was a few dollars difference...
  8. We had a few problems last year on the Sensation. My wife and i went on it just for a mini vacation. The trip began very badly and it wasnt Carnivals fault at all. First, we forgot our birth certificates. Second, we got laid up at ATL airport for 7 1/2 hours due to a storm and our original flight to MCO had already left when we got to ATL. Luckily it was all the night before embark. We get on the ship and during the CD speach, we were told that due to it being Good Friday, nothing on Nassau would be open. Kinda got mad at that! Then they were doing repairs on the ship while we were aboard (ie... replacing carpeting on the whole ship, electric repair on the atrium elevators) We contacted pursers desk to file a complaint on the issue. A week after we returned home, we received a letter from Carnival that we would receive a $100 credit next time we cruised. We are going again on September 5th on the Glory...
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