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  1. I apologize up front if I'm in the wrong area, but I have one question. Can you remove the gratuities off your cruise card and look after all tipping yourself, like you are able to do on other cruise lines. This is my second time cruising with NCL and the first time, I had a package through a travel agent that included everything paid for. I am booking this one myself, hence my question regarding gratuity removal.
  2. Hi Guys, We are booked on the Jewel 25th October for Tahiti. This is not our first cruise, but first time on Norwegian. If someone could just answer a couple of questions for me I would appreciate it. Do they have formal nights on this cruise and how many? Do they have laundries or have you got to get washing and ironing done at a cost and do they have specialty dining rooms and what are they named. I know there are a few things to answer and I will thank you very much in advance.
  3. Thanks guys for your replies. I guess I may have to purchase a duel voltage clipper 110/220 or as suggested, pick up an inverter/converter to use my current clippers. Thanks and Regards.
  4. Hi, I am an Australian, who will be cruising on Star Princess in a couple of weeks. I want to take my Hair Clippers with me, as I have very short hair and trim it almost weekly.......however the clippers are 230/240 volts and I believe the staterooms only have 110 volts. Would someone advice me, if there is a duel voltage outlet somewhere in the cabin, where I could plug in and use my clippers (using the American adapter of course). I don't feel like paying out $30, for a number two allover cut every week. There must be a higher voltage outlet somewhere!! Thank You:)
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