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  1. That's risky. I don't buy the insurance for the medical coverage but for trip cancellation. Since cruise fares are not refundable if you have to cancel at the last minute because of an emergency, there can be a lot of money at stake. As I stated previously, I have bought trip insurance for more than ten years, have been in good health, but for one cruise about a week before we were to leave, I had a detached retina which needed immediate surgery. The problem was that after the surgery, I could not fly for one or two months so there was no way to get to the cruise ship and I had to cancel. For the premiums I paid over 10+ years, I more than got my money back on that one claim.
  2. Thanks for your comments. I have used Allianz for about 10 years now as they always seem to have the most cost effective policy for my travel needs but more importantly I did have to cancel a Crystal cruise several years ago for medical reasons that popped up one week before sailing. Allianz processed and payed the claim right away without any hassles or problems. I've always taken the position on insurance that it's how the company handles claims that is most important as opposed to choosing based on lowest premium price. I purchased an Allianz policy yesterday through my TA for a Serenity cruise later this year. Jay
  3. Just an update. I have researched Crystal's Trip Insurance program further and have talked to Crystal and Allianz representatives. My current understanding is that the Crystal program does provide a waiver of pre existing conditions as long as you purchase the policy before final payment is due and you are not in the penalty stage. The one catch to their program is that the policy is not effective until you board the ship unless you make your pre and/or post cruise arrangements through Crystal. So for example, if you book your air and pre cruise hotel independently, the policy will not cover you for anything that happens during that pre cruise period. What is confusing is that when I talk to an Allianz representative they tell me that the coverage starts when you leave your home as it is "trip" insurance. When I told him about Crystal's interpretation, he told me that I needed to talk to Crystal which I did and they continued their position that coverage doesn't start until I board the ship. Since I can't get this conflict resolved, I plan to purchase my insurance independent of Crystal and directly from Allianz as I have done in the past. Jay
  4. I had a chance to do some searching on Crystal's website this morning. The information on the coverage is in the current cruise guidebook. Here is a link to the section on trip insurance: https://www.crystalcruises.com/guidebook/before-you-sail-trip-insurance-cruise-protection. Inside this section there is a link to the actual policy. Notice that it appears that you qualify for the pre existing condition waiver as long as you take out this insurance prior to final payment date when penalties kick in as to refunds from Crystal. In other words you don't have to buy the policy within 14 days of initial payment as is standard in most policies. At least that's the way I read it. Jay
  5. I haven't seen a written description of their policy yet and am only posting my understanding of what the Crystal representative told me. I didn't go into medical coverage or evacuation or other items that might be in the coverage as I was primarily interested in trip cancellation. The 4 month lookback period is like all trip cancellation policies I am familiar with, that is, it relates to the definition of what constitutes a pre existing condition. My understanding is that if you had to cancel for a medical reason and you were treated for that condition during the 4 month period prior to buying the insurance, then that is a pre existing condition. I am hoping to get more details on Crystal's coverage in the next several days. Jay
  6. Having just booked a cruise for December, I was getting ready to take out travel insurance with the insurance company I have used in the past. I never liked what Crystal offered because if you had to cancel they didn't refund your money but instead gave you a credit toward a future cruise. I just learned that Crystal has recently changed their program. They have teamed up with (coincidentally) the insurance company I have used in the past. As I understand it, now if you insure through Crystal, you can get a cash refund if you have to cancel and you can also get a pre-existing condition waiver (with a 4 month lookback period. I also understand that you can hold off purchasing the insurance until you have to make final payment when cancellation penalties start to kick in. My TA is double checking this for me but it appears that the premiums are very competitive to what I would pay if I bought directly from the insurance company. Does anyone have more information or experience with this new Crystal program? Jay
  7. I agree. My new agent says that they will not charge a fee unless the provider (cruise line or hotel) does not pay a commission or if they have to plan a complex involved itinerary. Makes sense and works for us.
  8. I have used the same Travel Agent for about 15 years and have been very happy with her. I started to book my next Crystal cruise with her when she informed me that the agency she is with is now charging fees for booking cruises, hotels, etc. In all of the years that we have been traveling, I have never had to pay a fee to a Travel Agency. Sadly, I terminated my relationship with the Agency and have booked the cruise with another agency that does not charge fees. Ironically, both agencies are affiliated with Virtuoso so I am not losing any "perks" with the change. I now there are several CC posters that work in the travel industry. Are TA fees a sign of the times in the near future?
  9. Thank you everyone for your comments. It looks like any of the C cabins will work and we can enjoy the promenade deck. Anne, as you know , on the Symphony, we have always booked aft of the elevators so that we wouldn't feel as much ship movement with a cabin closer to the stern. I know you would mention movement if it were a problem in 7019. We're looking at a Caribbean cruise so the waters should be calm. If my TA is working this week, I'll check availability for C cabins and start the booking process. Although we have been thoroughly " Crystalized", it will be a new experience for us sailing on the Serenity.
  10. Thank you both for your responses. The only question I now have is whether or not there are any noise issues for any of the cabins over the Casino? Has anyone stayed in any of those cabins and can shed light on whether noise might be a problem?
  11. We have cruised Crystal Symphony 12 times and have always booked a cabin on the Promenade deck as we love the location. We are now planning a cruise on the Serenity. This will be our first time on the Serenity and we are looking to book a C cabin on the Promenade deck. I have searched this forum for comments about the "limited obstruction" and noise issues and as this has never been a problem on the Symphony, I wanted to be sure that it is not an issue on the Serenity. From everything I have read and what I can see from photos, the limited obstruction on Serenity Deck 7 is similar to that on the Symphony, namely equipment relating to the gangplank, etc at the railing and possible overhangs from Deck 8 if you look out of the window and try to look up. The other issue is that C1 and C2 cabins look like they are over the casino and the C3 cabins are over the Galaxy lounge and I wonder if there are any noise problems coming from these locations. I just wanted to make sure that my impressions from what I have read on the boards is correct and that there really are no problems with noise or obstructions for the Deck 7 cabins and we look forward to finally sailing on the Serenity.
  12. I usually do an open booking on board,, mainly because we haven't picked a specific cruse and then when we decide, I book the specific cruise through my TA. I've never had a problem doing it this way and as far as I know I've gotten all the benefits of on board booking and all the benefits my TA and consortium offer for the cruise I end up booking.
  13. Thank you Patty and Keith. I suspect it's new also but maybe someone has already looked into it. I've never gotten a separate policy and have usually relied on the coverage provided by my travel insurance policy although I realize that the cost of evacuation can exceed policy limits. As Keith states, every case is different and as we get older, this type of insurance warrants consideration. Jay
  14. I just received a solicitation from United Airlines for membership in a medical evacuation insurance program called "EA+ Emergency Assistance Plus". Is anyone familiar with this particular program and how it compares with other programs. We usually take out traveler's insurance for our trips which usually include $50,000 and up coverage for medical emergencies abroad and medical evacuation back home if necessary. Jay
  15. Wow. We were on the Symphony last July (party of 4). We generally ate around 7pm and had the same table and waiter for each meal without any wait.
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