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  1. Hi Anne, thanks for your reply. I have seen that website but I was hoping that maybe they would be easing the test requirement for fully vaccinated people. I was originally looking at the Bahamas cruise but we have no interest in the ports so we are thinking that the Caribbean cruise will be a little more interesting. Still researching the protocol for the Caribbean cruise and can't wait to get back on the Symphony. Hopefully we'll hook up again on a future cruise. Stay well. Jay
  2. I have searched for any information about what testing, if any, will be required for the Symphony Caribbean cruises when arriving in Antigua for the cruise but have not found any threads. If there is a thread for this topic, I would appreciate a link to it either on Cruise Critic or Crystal's website. Specifically, will Antigua require any testing for fully vaccinated arrivals and if so, what type of test and how soon before arrival can it be done?
  3. An email from Cruise Critic listing when different cruise lines will be starting up again showed up in my in box. It shows Serenity starting 6/1/21 and Symphony starting in July 2021. I don't know how accurate this listing is or if it is current. Here is the link for anyone interested. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5206. You may have to copy and paste the link to get it to open. If anyone knows about how this list was generated, it might shed some light on how realistic it is. Jay
  4. I received the emails also and called them and they told me that it was a mass email that was sent out by mistake and to ignore them. While I had the customer service rep on the phone, I ask him about the refund request I had put in for the deposit on a Dec 2020 cruise that was cancelled. When my TA made the request for us on Aug 1 they told her that it would take 90 days. The representative I talked to today confirmed that the request was made on Aug 1, that it appeared that I would get a full refund and that it would take about 90 days and possibly a couple of weeks later than that. I me
  5. Interesting and encouraging. Does anyone know at what capacity MSC is sailing? It would also be interesting to know how they are doing the ship sponsored shore excursions i.e. are they filling the tour busses, is the tour simply a bus ride or are there opportunities to get off the bus under controlled conditions, etc. We generally like to tour on our own but on the other hand in some ports we have toured a city using hop on/hop off busses without getting off the bus. The downside being not to be able to explore a port as much as we would like. In some ports we have not gotten off the ship a
  6. I received a notice this morning that our December 16 cruise has been cancelled.
  7. Thank you Keith.. I grew up in Brooklyn and there was a fabulous bakery with several stores in Brooklyn called Ebingers. They are long out of business but anyone who lived in Brooklyn at that time knew about them and raved. It had such a following that I thought maybe they might have had a store in Queens also. I didn't mean to get off topic but your reference intrigued me. Jay
  8. http://Keith, does the name of that bakery begin with Eb-----? Jay
  9. Thank you for the Wikipedia link. It's interesting that in the article, while Crystal is not listed as having had any cases, in the section discussing ships that have not had any cases, Crystal is not listed there either. Of course, I didn't see anything for other luxury lines like Regent or Silversea.
  10. MightyQuinn, thank you for the link and the listing. I see from the link that this data was as of Mid April. Do you know if there has been any update since then?
  11. We've all heard the reports about infections on some of the cruise lines and their megaships. Crystal has the advantage of having smaller ships, lower passenger capacity and larger common areas to spread out. As the cruise industry and Crystal work to restart cruises, I was wondering if there are any official reports filed within the cruise industry that document the number of infections on particular cruise lines and specific ships that can give us a feel as to how Crystal and others has fared as to exposure to crew and passengers. I'm not looking for rumors or anecdotal information but ra
  12. Crystal used to have a fully refundable policy if you cancelled before final payment was due. They changed to the administration fee because many people would book multiple cruises and decide on which one they would take when final payment was due which resulted in the problem of people trying to book a particular cruise would have to go on a waiting list. The administrative fee was instituted to discourage people from making multiple bookings when they knew they were only going to actually go on one of the cruises they booked. The penalty for cancelling (administrative fee) is nominal but
  13. That's risky. I don't buy the insurance for the medical coverage but for trip cancellation. Since cruise fares are not refundable if you have to cancel at the last minute because of an emergency, there can be a lot of money at stake. As I stated previously, I have bought trip insurance for more than ten years, have been in good health, but for one cruise about a week before we were to leave, I had a detached retina which needed immediate surgery. The problem was that after the surgery, I could not fly for one or two months so there was no way to get to the cruise ship and I had to cancel.
  14. Thanks for your comments. I have used Allianz for about 10 years now as they always seem to have the most cost effective policy for my travel needs but more importantly I did have to cancel a Crystal cruise several years ago for medical reasons that popped up one week before sailing. Allianz processed and payed the claim right away without any hassles or problems. I've always taken the position on insurance that it's how the company handles claims that is most important as opposed to choosing based on lowest premium price. I purchased an Allianz policy yesterday through my TA for a Serenit
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