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  1. Us as well...we have been trying to cancel with cruise.com with no luck getting through. Spoke with RC and they said they can’t help us...we have to cancel through cruise.com. Nervous she will sail before I get through. What happens then??
  2. Scheduled to leave Monday he 16th and I can't get through to cancel!!! Question...we Booked on cruise.com....do I need to call them? Or Royal Caribbean direct? I'm on hold with cruise.com and the wife with Royal...both over 1.5 hours at this point.
  3. I will be sailing on the Brilliance on 3/16/20 and wanted to know if you purchase ANY beverage package, is there a set amount of time between ordering drinks the system locks you out (5 minutes? 10 minutes)? Or in theory, can you order drink after drink after drink with no wait? Thanks!
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