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  1. I was told by HAL thru my TA that the new policy became effective for new purchases as of 7/29. As for the cost of travel guard it is based on age as well as cost of your cruise. When you travel with a 95 year old parent the cost goes up big time.
  2. But we always bought our platinum before. Something has changed, it is probably to do with COVID but why just NY and Quebec?
  3. We usually book our travel insurance through HAL. Today we found out we could not have the Platinum level insurance because we are from New York State. There is some very tiny print on the cancellation policy page that says if you are from Quebec or New York no platinum level is allowed. We went to Travel guard and paid more to get our insurance. But I have no idea why New York and Quebec are the targets of this exception. Does anyone know WHY? And for all you New Yorkers and people from Quebec, standard insurance only for us. Unless you go to Travel guard.
  4. Are mini-bar purchases Included in the "have it all" package? Anybody know? Many Thanks. First time I have done the have it all.
  5. I also got this same info from HAL. the ship is fully booked. With all the transfers coming from Volendam, they are maxing out on cabin availability.
  6. For those of us doing 7 day back to backs, has anyone got any idea how they will handle the zeroing of the ship on turn around day? In my past experiences, they have made us get off, travel thru the crowds to appear before the immigration and control people, OR the piled us into the theater and checked us back onto the ship from there. Both turn around procedures work, but both also have a tendency to pile a lot of people up into a small space. So being curious, I wonder if anyone knows what we can expect for the Nieuw Amsterdam come November?
  7. I'll look at once. Thanks
  8. Excuse me...What new instructions? I have not heard this had changed on HAL. Please enlighten me. Many Thanks for mentioning this.
  9. They are speaking of 2021 Alaska and Europe. What about the 2021 Caribbean cruises? I saw no mention of that.
  10. Well the first time I met one, the flashy Jewelry was my mistake. My dive watch had a silver band. A fellow paralleling me, saw the Barracuda swimming up behind me. I just happened to flip around to swim back towards shore and the fish was right there . As long as I am tall, (5 feet), and he was close. As I stared him down trying not to panic, he decided I was not the tasty fish he was seeking. When I came up, the guy next to me shouted it was my watch...I threw that watch away and never wore another in the water. Scary as that was, I still love Half Moon beach and whenever I cruise I look for Itineraries' that stop there. I just might try the snorkel excursion to that reef Loreto mentioned. Why not??
  11. Twice now I have seen large Barracuda while snorkeling at Half Moon Key. Has any one else experienced this? Or possibly seen a shark? I was snorkeling off the swimming beach very early in the day when I had these encounters. There were no people around to scare off the fish which is why I go in on the first tender whenever possible. But the barracuda sure scared me. Just wondering if my two encounters on two separate trips were freak events or something others have seen. Not that I am going to give up snorkeling at Half Moon Key...Just wondering what others have encountered.
  12. It would give the possibility of another American port Instead of Victoria, Ensenada, etc. OR possibly eliminate a stop at an American port like Bar Harbor, ME or Key West. I hope this goes through.
  13. Just wanted to say that reading these schedules made me CRAVE my next cruise. I can't wait until November! Thanks for the post.
  14. I am afraid I know where this theory about the vaccine changing DNA was started, or at least spread from...There was a priest who got his Sunday sermon out on the web. He was saying that the Moderna vaccine was going to rewrite our RNA/DNA . I saw the video, it was the most foolish, ignorant rant I have ever seen. But a lot of Catholics shared the video, and those who have little understanding of science or the nature of vaccines, took it as serious science and believed this man. I don't know if he was repeating what had been told to him. I do not know his motives. But I do know my own family members have believed this man whole heartedly. They have extended their fear of the Moderna vaccine to ALL the vaccines. It really saddens me they won't get the shots. I am getting mine, first dose today! Cruise in November! YAY!!!!
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