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  1. How is Captain Kate? I feel like she wouldn't take any guff from the unvaccinated. Wish I could book a cruise on her ship...enjoy!!
  2. We will cancel. Right now we're on a Norwegian cruise in October and they are requiring vax certs through October at the moment. Ready to bail if that changes.
  3. Contemplating dipping our toes back in the water with a Mexican Riviera cruise in September out of LA - rather confused as to what Princess is doing or leaning towards. Would be much more likely to book if they require vaccinations.
  4. Thanks for the response and the map, but not sure why it's an "of course" when so many port towns are not that easily walkable from the dock.... and while I'm not disabled per se, I have a tricky back which makes extensive walking challenging.
  5. I wrote to them on the 2nd and haven't heard back...is that normal and I should be patient? We arrive on St. Croix in April...
  6. " Hi folks my husband and I are on the Celebrity Silhouette going on the fabulous Two Islands One Paradise tour of both St Kitts and Nevis on 04/14/20 ($100pp) cash, and need to meet the minimum requirement of 6 people that enables this tour to go and so invite other cruise ship passengers who are looking for something... special, that gives a fantastic tour experience of both islands to join us. This tour will cover some of the key historical and scenic locations on both islands .Duration: up to 7+ hours with lunch at the sought after TurtleTime beach restaurant and bar on Nevis. Offering a fusion of Caribbean/International and Asian cuisine. We want to keep the group small so it the first 3 couple only to confirm their booking We look forward to hearing from interested parties. (OK, I didn't write that - it was composed by the Tour Operator 😉 but you get the idea- any takers?)
  7. None of the excursions listed for this port are really grabbing us - it it possible to simply walk into town from the cruise ship dock, walk around town and have a nice lunch (preferably with an ocean view)?
  8. What would be your top three "must sees"?
  9. DaMom


    How far is that from the port, and how would one get there (roughly 🙂) from the port? Thanks in advance!
  10. Quite a few of the ship's excursions include a stop at the Hato Caves - are they worth seeing, or no big deal? Can't say I've been in a lot of caves - oh, except for cave tubing in Belize - awesome! so do we make a point to see the Hato Caves? Thanks!
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