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  1. Are people pleased with not having options to cruise with less perks? Seems like pricing is significant now,
  2. I am disappointed in the price increases due to the Always Included and it appears that the removed Elite+ items (internet minutes, cocktail hours, drycleaning) have not been replaced with something else. We have always loved Celebrity but can't believe they've done this right now. Raising prices during this time, seems inappropriate. That being said, I understand how they are hurting but Princess has kept reasonable prices and isn't trying to be greedly.
  3. I just got a notice that my cruise is being reduced by 1 day and when I logged in, the price was repriced higher. Has anyone run into this? I haven't called yet because of long wait times.
  4. Does anyone know if deposit refund can go back to another credit card after cancelation?
  5. You cancel a cruise that you used your credit for?
  6. I have 2 credits for myself for 2 canceled cruises. Can I use all of them towards 1 cruise?
  7. Does anyone know the time between fcc and tax credit? I got fcc but not taxes yet
  8. For anyone who got their FCC. Did it include taxes and fees?
  9. We haven't done RCL in awhile. For their premium drink package, does it include the specialty drinks? Like a Martini? Also, if it is above $13, do you pay the difference?
  10. Can you cancel a specialty restaurant that you booked ahead of time? and get your onb credits refunded?
  11. Thank you. Any idea of how long it might take?
  12. When you TA cancels your cruise, do they have to request the deposit refund or does Celebrity just process it?
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