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  1. Power strips, multi plug box outlets / adaptors, and extension cords (WITHOUT SURGE PROTECTORS) are allowed on board, when used with proper caution. My wife uses a C-Pap machine. and most of the time a plug is close to the bed. One time we had to ask to use one of their extension cords.
  2. Only 72 days until the Breakaway 7-Day R/T Western Caribbean out of New Orleans, and 156 days until the Epic 7-Day R/T Southern Caribbean (ABC Islands) out of San Juan. Hope we are able to make both of them.
  3. Just checked the NCL APP is working on my iPhone.
  4. We sailed on the Jewel in a Forward Facing Penthouse Suite # 9502, a little over 5 years ago. It was a R/T Western Caribbean out of Seabrook, Texas. The balcony is quite large, and it does get windy sometimes out there. There is a large thick metal door and a smaller regular door to open, for access to your balcony. We didn't have any trouble opening them ourselves to go out. It looks down on a small pool and sunning deck for the entertainment dancers.
  5. Our TA forwarded me the email she finally got back from NCL." A review of our records indicate a refund in the amount of $666.10, which represents government taxes and services for the canceled guests is currently pending. Due to the high volume of requests at this time, refunds may take up to 90 days to be processed. We are working diligently to ensure we revert to our guests as soon as possible". Our TA came through for us, and restored our faith in her!
  6. I canceled our refund request with NCL for our canceled Epic Southern Caribbean Cruise out of San Juan, P.R. from March 22- April 1, 2020. Decided to take the 125% FCC. With the NCL Memorial Day Flash Sale going on now, we rebooked a similar 7-Day Epic Southern Caribbean in March 2021, got an additional 20% off our fare, and $600 OBC. Still had some FCC left to put toward another 7-Day Cruise out of New Orleans in December 2020.
  7. Turtles 06 thank you for replying. I feel the same way, they should have gotten a refund for the prepaid service gratuities, and a refund for the port charges. NCL is charging them for going on a non existent cruise.
  8. Thank you to emm126 and Bird Travels for taking the time to reply. I put the majority of the blame on their travel company.. Our TA asked their Business Development Manager for help, and she said "that she could not do anything on her end." The BDM then connected our TA to NCL Guest Relation, to pursue it further with them. Sounds like the BDM knew they messed up! I said in an email reply to our TA if her company made a mistake, own up to it so we can move on. I agree the TA should handle our problem - and if they won't do anything - we will be finding a new TA real soon. My wife and I are bot
  9. We just found out that to cancel under the NCL Peace of Mind Policy, everyone in the suite needed to cancel. We talked to our TA about our daughter and her boyfriend canceling under it, because it was a 10-Day Southern Caribbean Cruise out of San Juan. They had already scheduled 2 weeks of vacation for travel and cruise, but couldn't chance being quarantined for 2 more weeks, or longer after getting back home. So, our TA canceled for them about 10 +/- days before the sail date. My wife and I still planned to go on the cruise. The next day NCL canceled all their cruises. So, my wife and I had a
  10. Our second choice would have to be Celebrity. We like NCL because of the Haven Suites and their private areas. We have sailed on these cruise lines: NCL-10, Celebrity-3, Royal Caribbean-3, Carnival-3, and Princess-1. Celebrity also has their private dining room, private bars, and lounge for suite guests. When we were on the Celebrity Summit 4-1/2 years ago, we got their free drink and specialty dining, (with no charge for gratuities like NCL). Bottled water was also included. The free internet was unlimited, free service charges, and a $200 OBC were all included in their promotion. That sure
  11. We asked NCL for a refund of our cancelled 10-day Epic Southern Caribbean Cruise out of San Juan on 3/22/20. Not planning on taking any cruise for a least a year, or maybe longer. We looked at a similar NCL 7-Day Southern Caribbean out of San Juan in March 7-14 of next year, but it was going to cost $2,000 more than their cancelled 10-Day Cruise. (Both were for the 4 of us in a H-6 2BR Haven Suite.) Taking a wait and see attitude. Then Globus cancelled our 13 Day Tour to Switzerland with the Passion Play at Oberammergau Germany for this July. Because of the Corona Virus in Europe, the Passion
  12. We had a 10-Day Southern Caribbean out of San Juan for 03/22/20 recently canceled. I looked at a similar 7-Day Southern Caribbean out of San Juan, on March 7-14 next year for the 4 of us. The cruise next year was going to cost over $2,000 more, with 3 less days. (The March 7-14 was the cheapest one out of the 4 sailings in March. All in the H-4 2 BR Suites located in the Haven.) We decided against the 125% Future Cruise Credit, and ask for a full refund from NCL. We had made our final payment on the original cruise 11/15/19. Didn't want NCL to keep our money any longer. Hopefully, NCL will hav
  13. Your final payment to NCL is still probably still March 29. The Travel Agent usually wants you to pay at least a week before they have to pay NCL. That's the way our Travel Agent has done in the past. Your Travel Agent should have been up front to you with the date your payment was due at the Travel Agency.
  14. Thanks for replying to my question. We did rebook the original 1:40 pm R/T flight on SWA, which saved the 4 of us $740. Nice to get credit to use on some future flights. On our 7:00 am Saturday morning SWA flight from LAS back to AUS, there was only 46 passengers for 175 seats. Told not to go past row 21 to balance the plane. Thanks again!
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