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  1. LOL, I run a company that builds PPM systems for the major global Pharma companies, and prior to 15 years here spent a couple decades in banking technology from the business side, mostly EFT and Wholesale & Retail DDA systems, along with (really eye-opening!) Overnight Deposit Analysis systems. So I understand how long the whole process takes. If RCCL had processed a refund it would be showing now, early AM on the 18th. I am not worried, I just don't like RCCL's not being honest. Again.
  2. Not only do I not have any of the amounts refunded to my two credit cards, but Royal lied to me about having issued the credits yesterday. I spoke with both Bank America and Citicard about any pending refunds, and they assured me that if ANY refunds were issued prior to 11PM last night they would at least show up as pending. Nada. Yet Roman from RCCL's Resolution Desk essentially said "too bad, we've done all we are going to do and it will show up when it shows up".
  3. The latest update is basically nothing back from the CDC, sail date is now Monday (!!) and there will be an update at 2 PM. What a mess!
  4. Merion Mom, are you doing a back to back? Or trying to?
  5. Exactly what I was thinking. If they started the deep clean/sanitize after everyone was off the ship today, 2 PM Saturday embarkation makes sense. Another 3 hours? Odd. But local and NYC news is reporting the ship has been cleared. I don't think we are getting the whole story either.
  6. Checkout at nearly every local hotel is 11:00 AM. RCCL should pay those out of town for an extra day hotel charge.
  7. The 6 PM update now says check-in begins at 5 PM Saturday with the ship sailing at 10 PM (fat chance!). Nassau is cancelled.
  8. Great pictures of you and Sharon Norma! Looking very glamorous!
  9. Norma, thanks for the scouting report! I'm excited about doing the Westbound TP with you next year!
  10. Wow...that closet space is sad. Norma, I think there is more closet space in the Solo balcony cabins on Anthem. Where did you and Sharon end up putting your clothes?
  11. Bon Voyage, Norma! As you go throughout the ship during the cruise, I'll be interested in your feedback on the "Revolutionizing". How's the cabin? Closet space? and most importantly: Martini Bar?
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