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  1. The Helicopter Medevac by the Coast Guard made the NY Metro area news tonight. They showed some video...
  2. Hank, this was 18 months ago that they announced with a lot of hullabaloo they'd hired Accenture. I knew then it would not only end up being worse, but would costs hundreds of thousands of dollars if not nearly a million $. My career has been to clean up Accenture IT messes at various customers who make the same mistake X did. Celebrity Cruises hires Accenture to boost digital experience www.consultancy.uk/.../celebrity-cruises-hires-accenture-to-boost-digital-experience[/url]
  3. Hate to be the one to say: "I told you it would be a sh*tshow", but when a lot of the last 8 years of one's career is cleaning up Accenture's IT/systems development project messes, I believed they would only make it worse. Accenture: Mission Accomplished. Celebrity Cruises hires Accenture to boost digital experience www.consultancy.uk/.../celebrity-cruises-hires-accenture-to-boost-digital-experience
  4. Bingo! Where's the darn LIKE button? That is exactly my view!
  5. Oh! That explains the reviews on Viking Ocean. I sailed Royal Viking in 1986; they went out of business before my next booked cruise with them but they were the tops! I was devastated to see them go and didn't cruise again until the late 90's.Thanks for this info; I need to look at them closely as an alternative.
  6. Bosco, I live 25 mi from NYC, so tried NCL out of NY just once. Never again...horrid food, even at the highest rated specialty restaurants (I literally had to spit out food at 2 of those meals!), inescapable crowds and noise, impossible to get a seat at a bar, and the smell of smoke seemed to waft through the common areas. But Celebrity, between diminished services and niceties, added to the hefty price increases, has lost its allure for me. I realized on my last cruise in 2016 it just gave me my "sea-fix" and little else. I still long for the sea, and being close to Cape Liberty, can easily do 2 or 3 7-8 day cruises a year in a nice balcony on Anthem solo occupancy for less than $1350 a cruise. Not what Celebrity was, but I have basic food, a few decent specialty restaurants, a very nice Diamond Lounge with decent cocktails and coffees all day, and I can turn off the crowds when I wish. I used to spend$12000-$15000 or more cruising with Celebrity every year, now my money goes elsewhere and I get my "sea-fix" for cheap
  7. I recommended Celebrity numerous times to a 50ish friend and her husband, both professionals, empty nesters. After frustration with Celebrity website and customer service, the checked out Viking, and just returned from aabout 12 nights northern Europe and the Baltics. Their review: "Flawless Luxury without Pretension".
  8. Wow! Costa beat Celebrity? Well, I cruised them once (in 2000) and swore never again. But I am moving away from Celebrity now after a 7 year love affair with them, so maybe time to add them to my list of options.
  9. Yeah, that's a load of something, but I doubt it's burger.:rolleyes:
  10. Sorry, look again, but at least three Summit cruises were listed at a 255% single supplement.
  11. In December 2016, on the day it announced, I booked the Nov 2018 Eclipse Transatlantic for Barcelona to Buenos Aires, AQ cabin, for $2549 plus tax per person dbl occ. I've been watching prices. That same A2 cabin is now $3700 per person! I've already cut back on my Celebrity cruises due to the combination of outrageous prices, and the constant erosion of the special touches that made Celebrity my first choice for vacations since 2009. From 2 to as many as 4 cruises with Celebrity per year, many of them at single occupancy 200% fare, I'm down to none this year and may only take 1 of 2 booked for next year. IMHO, Celebrity has stopped being Celebrity.:(
  12. Quoting from this last article: Some people worry that massage can spread cancer cells throughout the body via the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is a network of vessels, organs and nodes through which lymphatic fluid (lymph) flows. It is part of the body’s immune system. Lymphatic circulation occurs naturally as we move. Cancer may spread (metastasise) into the lymphatic system via the lymph nodes, or it may start in the lymphatic system itself. However, the circulation of lymph – from massage or other movement – does not cause cancer to spread. Researchers have shown that cancer develops and spreads because of changes to a cell’s DNA (genetic mutations) and other processes in the body. I'm living with active non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (SLL), as well as CLL, a form of indolent but incurable leukemia. I get massages every three weeks from a massage therapist I've been working with for nearly 6 years, and my oncologist and the rest of my considerable medical team all tell me that not only is it not dangerous having massage, but keeping the lymph circulating rather than pooling in my neck, upper arms, and lower extremities is one of the best things I can do. And actually, it was something my massage therapist noticed during a massage in summer 2011 that got me to start seeing doctors, undergoing countless tests and numerous biopsies, and getting this diagnosis in late December, 2011. Cruisefam, thanks for the article.:)
  13. Peter, I'm Liesa of the group Norma spoke of. We are great fans of I Made; he is always warm, friendly, attentive, an excellent bartender,and if he is running the bar, it runs well. Thank you for posting this picture; we all miss him. I use a mobility scooter onboard, and I Made insisted on valet parking my scooter anytime I showed up at the Martini Bar on Silhouette, where he was stationed on my 2015 and 2016 TAs. I think he loved driving it. Btw, on my west-bound Reflection TA last autumn, 6'6" Maarten borrowed my small scooter and folded himself onto it for a few spins around the ship. His knees were almost against his chest. If you see him, ask him if he misses having the scooter to cruise the Oceanview Cafe. LOL.:D I am missing not being on a TA this year; thank you for your wonderful Live review. It's bringing back fabulous memories! Enjoy it all!
  14. MerSoleil is lovely. It is produced by the Wagner family, who also produce the Caymus wines. You can shop around and get it for $21-24 a bottle, at least in the NY/NJ metro area. I discovered it on a Celebrity cruise, in Murano, in 2012, when a bottle onboard cost me $70. Last time I checked the price onboard, a year ago, it was $86 + the gratuity.:eek:
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