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  1. NCL seems to be slow on adding excursions into their website, we cruise on Epic 2/6 and there are several ports with no or very limited excursions.
  2. If you are prior to final payment you should be able to remove it with no penalty.
  3. As long as the free air is still an option you can still add it. However, if you had the extra $50 shore excursion that would be removed.
  4. We loved going up and down the Mississippi River, but I am sure not everyone will enjoy it. Like other have said in the winter months most of the trip is in darkness so you are limited on what you can see. It was interesting to see why flooding happens when levees break as you see homes below the river level. We have always been able to find a decent hotel at a decent price in NOLA, of course anything around $200 would be reasonable to us. There are lots of things walkable, there are also plenty of street cars, cabs, and even bicycle taxis. The food in NOLA is phenomenal, we have never had a bad meal. Bourbon Street is a party all year and it is fun to people watch! Check Mardi Gras time, parades will run all of the time starting in January through Mardi Gras - https://www.mardigrasneworleans.com/when-is-mardi-gras/, hotels will be quadruple what you would pay at other times and the streets will be packed like sardines.
  5. Thank you everyone. Still trying to decide what to do, might just keep an eye not he first few cruises then book airfare.
  6. We will be on the Epic in February 2020, it will arrive in San Juan at 5:30am. Does anyone have recent experience on flying out of SJU and can you share what time your flight left SJU? Did you experience any challenges disembarking? Did you use NCL transfer or arrange your own? Did you carry off your luggage or pick it up when you disembarked? We would like to do a non-stop if possible but it leaves at 9am, and I am worried that might be cutting it a bit close.
  7. We were just in a suite on revolutionized Celebrity Millennium in June 2019 and we have done 2 Haven trips with NCL. Your experience will likely depend on the other passengers also onboard. We found the service on both ships to be fantastic. These things are more similar than different from my point of view, however our Haven experience was on a Jewel class ship which is smaller than the Escape and had less people that could take advantage of the Haven areas. Onboard both the Millennium and the Jade, we often found enjoying the suite/Haven areas, we were often by ourselves; it was almost like having a private retreat. All employees were friendly and very accommodating to any requests that we had on both ships. One difference that we noticed with Celebrity was the visibility of the officers onboard and that they pitched in wherever needed. They also were genuinely interested in hearing your opinions on what they are doing well and how they can improve, we appreciated the pride that they showed! On NCL we were able to book speciality restaurants around 60 days from sailing. We didn't eat in speciality restaurants on Celebrity.
  8. Mitsugirly, i am enjoying your review, thank you. I am sorry to hear about your injury and wish you a speedy recovery. I have followed many of your reviews and they are always spectacular! You give tons of information and take fantastic pictures. I agree with others that you should have some sort of cruise blog. Have you ever followed John Heald on Facebook, he is with Carnival, I don’t know his title, but his English humor keeps me laughing. You should pick your favorite cruise line and get the same type of job with them, you would be fantastic! You are the reason we did a NCL cruise a few years back and loved it, even repeated the ship the following year. We will be on the Epic in February, I contemplated the Breakaway but based on some of what you shared in this review I am glad we opted for Epic. We know the bathroom layout is a little weird but who cares someone else is cooking and cleaning so that’s a win in my book. We pick cruises based on itinerary more than ship or cruise line so I will probably never be platinum or whatever anywhere. I can remember when loyalty meant a free cruise, gone are those rewards.
  9. If you are on deck and want to use a lunger, just take one off the stack. You could even ask one of the crew members to get one for you, they are very accommodating
  10. js, You are welcome. As Platinum you still get the dinners. These are per stateroom, so if you have 1 stateroom it would cover only 2 people, 2 staterooms would cover 4 people. Dinner For Two At Cagney's Or Le Bistro With A Bottle Of Wine6 (per stateroom) Dinner For Two At Moderno Or La Cucina6 (per stateroom) So if you had 3 staterooms, all of you would at least have 2 specialty dinners. If you were in the Haven, you would have 3 specialty dinners for 2 people. Might be able to use all 3 at once so you could all eat together at 1 specialty restaurant. The rest of your included meals would be the Haven Restaurant unless you purchased additional specialty dining. I know what you mean about the beverage package, they are pricy. Since the cost is pretty close you have to decide whether the Haven amenities are worth paying for additional beverage packages. We have experienced Haven on Norwegian Jade twice and enjoyed having the more private/less crowded space. There isn't a Haven restaurant on the Jewel class ships and found the main dining room had great food. We are going on Epic and Haven pricing seemed a little high for the port intensive trip so we opted for a spa balcony this time.
  11. The specialty dining is based on the number of days you are sailing: Specialty Dining Package Sail Length # Of Dining Package Meals Retail Value 20% Gratuities 3-4 Nights 1 $44.95 per person $8.99 per package 5-6 Nights 2 $79 per person $15.80 per package 7-8 Nights 3 $99 per person $19.80 per package 9-10 Nights 4 $114 per person $22.80 per package 11+ Nights 5 $129 per person $25.80 per package
  12. CELEBRITY MOVE UP TRACKER (effective April 19, 2019; but can back-fill data, if available) Ship: Millennium Length of Cruise: 7 days Cruise Sail Date: 6/21/2019 Date email offer received: 6/4/2019 Captain’s Club Tier [“PREVIEW” = first Celebrity Cruise]: Select Booked through Celebrity Direct OR via TA: Celebrity Direct Current Cabin: Concierge Bid? Yes/No: Yes If YES - Bidding Details: Cabin Category: Sky Suite Bid Offer: $500pp (minimum) Notification Date: 6/5/2019 Accepted / Rejected Accepted General Comments (offer details, etc.) Offer allowed for minimum $1000pp for Celebrity suites, $1500 pp for Royal suite. We were fortunate to take advantage of price reductions earlier. Then invitation to bid for a move up was only $200pp more than our original booking for a balcony cabin. Money well spent for us as we only take 1 vacation a year.
  13. Thanks Norma, i have an old iPhone o my pictures would never be as nice as yours, maybe I will upgrade.
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