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  1. Try alaska train dot com, it lists a train and bus option. I also found alaska dot org was a great source
  2. We haven't tried them, I was just beginning to do some looking for a 2020 cruise maybe I will start there....
  3. I think the biggest draw is adult only, many people have been asking for this type of a cruise. It will be interesting to see if they do well or not.
  4. I am happy that Celebrity is investing the money to do upgrades/changes, we will sail on Millennium June 2019. I would recommend getting trip insurance so that if schedule changes happen your out of pocket expenses will be covered.
  5. I have sailed on NCL in the Haven 2x, we absolutely loved the experience, unfortunately since those cruises the prices have dramatically risen. However, on the NCL Jewel class ships they do not have a dedicated Haven restaurant, if that is important. They do open their steakhouse for breakfast and lunch just for Haven guests, but dinner would be in the regular dining room. If you are in the Haven you get all the perks currently being offered, that usually includes the best beverage package option they have, a few nights in speciality restaurants, gratuities and what ever additional perk they have. If you sail in a non-Haven room you can purchase perks, they often have 2 perks included with your room but they then add on the tax and gratuity, so for a 7 day that is about $300 total for 2 people. We didn't experience too many kids in the Haven but we were on a Jewel class ship and sailed during wave season (between New Year and Spring Break). The Haven areas on the larger ships probably have more families in the Haven because they have more Haven rooms.
  6. The up to $15 price for the Premium package is before the 18%. The package already includes the gratuity, you do not pay that when you get a drink. For example, if the drink price is $15 or less its include no charge, no signature. If the drink price is $18, you pay $3 + $.54 (18% gratuity). Your package covers the first $15.
  7. My BF and I will be on Millennium June 2019 to Alaska and one thing I cannot find information on is the spa, any information you can obtain would be appreciated. I know they are supposedly making some changes to the spa but knowing what is there now will give us an idea. Persian Gardens, what does that mean, heated loungers, saunas, steam room? Is that included with a spa treatment or entirely separate? Is it accessible for a fee by the day or do you have to buy for the week?
  8. I have ordered a drink from the Martini Bar, as well as other bars on board, and didn't like it. I told the bartender and they were happy to make me something else, no questions asked. Of course, I did this after one or two sips of the drink and gave them the one I didn't like. We usually have a favorite bar on our cruises, but it isn't always the same one. On our last Celebrity cruise we loved the Martini Bar and did not experience what others have said about loud music/drumming. However, there were times that it was full but we found a nice corner table and enjoyed it very nicely. We also loved Cellar Masters, we spent a lot of time here as well and found some new favorite wines, never found this area to be overcrowded.
  9. Your pictures are stunning and your writing style is a joy! Thank you for sharing.
  10. You would need to purchase any wanted packages for guest 3.
  11. Tipping is very personal. Some people will tip extra if they get great service and others will not. Some swear that extra tipping gets them better service and better drinks. The choice ultimately is up to you. We sometimes tip extra for a variety of reasons. Since we treat people the way we like to be treated and we happily wait patiently for our turn we haven't noticed that the extra tipping changes the service or quality nor was this the reason we tipped extra. We also have never felt that additional tipping was expected.
  12. Funny that I came across this post today. I had originally booked Princess for an Alaskan cruise tour July 2019, today I switched to Celebrity. I like most people have always heard that Princess does Alaska best, they own their lodges where you stay on the land portion of a cruise tour. I decided to take some time and put together a spreadsheet comparing the various lines that offer cruise tours to Alaska for 2 people in July 2019 with 6 land days and 7 cruise days in a balcony cabin. Through my research I found that most cruise lines that offer Alaska cruise tours have very similar itineraries and visit most of the same places. All seem to offer similar included land excursions and transportation between the various locations. Now I had to decide what things were important to me to sway my preference of a cruise line. Hotels during land portion - not that important because ultimately you are experiencing Alaska and not sitting around a hotel room. Really only need clean place to sleep - so the fact that Princess owns their lodges no longer held a lot of importance. Cruise line - not that important. We have cruised several lines and we often find more similarities than differences. We have found things that we really liked and other things we didn't care for on every cruise ship we have been on. Loyalty rewards are not enough for us to really try to stick with one line all the time. Total price - this is really what is the most important for us. Comparing the two and adding in a drink package and prepaying gratuities we felt Celebrity is a better choice for us. Princess Royal 13 day southbound cruise tour with drink package and gratuities paid upfront was over $10,500. Celebrity Millennium 13 day southbound cruise tour with drink package and gratuities paid upfront is $9750. We also get internet and $300 OBC, extra time in Juneau and Ketchikan as well as Icy Straight Point as a port of call. Of course this is just my reasoning and it may be different for others. When you add in any additional perks for your status on Celebrity it might even be a better option or you. Either way Alaska will be fantastic and the memories you make will last a life time.
  13. We just got off the Dream today and this was our experience:
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