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  1. So, if you need an hour of consistent Internet access in a week to do certain work tasks, you should skip cruising? An hour a week makes you an addict? You might want to stay away from the aspirin. I hear it's more addictive than crack.
  2. I understand your point, but time sensitive might be a 2 or 3 day window. I understand Infinity's Internet was flaky. I really object to their attitude that it was a PERK, so it was FREE, too bad, so sad. If the PERKS are FREE why do they have 3 levels of pricing per cabin? 0,2,4 Perks.
  3. None of the crew members dealt with me in a poor manner. All they can do is check your settings. If everything is OK, as was evidenced by the 15 days of perfect Internet on Eclipse. There is literally nothing they can do. Hopefully, when Infinity goes in for refurbishing, the will use more and better routers or access points. Until then, beware of needing Internet access on Infinity. And if you must have it, don't get it as a PERK. Pay for it and keep the chargeback in your back pocket, for use if Customer Service won't help.
  4. I don't expect 100%, however as far as I could tell Eclipse 3-24 was 100%, never dropped, never failed to connect. Of course, I paid for it. OTH, I don't expect ZERO percent either. And, I don't expect to be blown off by Customer Service either. The moral is, don't get 4 perks. Get 2 and buy Internet. If you charged it separately on your credit card, you can send your final account statement to your bank and initiate a chargeback. That should get Celebrity's attention.
  5. You are absolutely right. Should I start a new thread with just this information? It took me a while to get on track.
  6. I'm not using or needing a VPN. Celebrity Internet has worked on every other cruise and ship except Infinity. I had no reason to suspect that this cruise would be any different. Everything worked perfectly for 15 days from Santiago to San Diego on Eclipse 2 days later. I didn't need a full-time Internet connection. I just needed one that would work for 15-30 minutes. Even if I had to log back into an exam 3 times that might take 10 min off of 70. Since I can usually finish these exams in 40-50 min, it would have been workable. I am virtually certain there was a router problem. I could have probably managed to use a Mac if I could turn off 2-factor authentication. My point was to publicize the problems on Infinity and with Customer Service. My hope was that Celebrity would read this thread and consider trying to recover what was truly impressive customer service. And if not, well I wanted to warn fellow passengers.
  7. I eventually used my phone as a hot spot in Key West. But that was 3 days late. Why should I move on and lose all the benefits I have with Celebrity? The squeaky wheel gets the grease and there's no better place to squeak than Cruisecritic. My purpose was to alert everyone that with the new 0,2,4 perk plan, you can easily see what the "free" perks cost. Another angle is that by paying for Internet with a credit card, you can initiate a chargeback if Celebrity won't offer any help. So, from now on, it's 2 perks and pay for Internet.
  8. They probably would not give a refund, but OBC for a future cruise would at least show that they appreciate people that have taken 19 Celebrity Cruises. And another point, if they are willing to screw over their most loyal cruisers, what chance do new Celebrity Cruisers have? And if their vaunted Customer Service now has the Compassion of the IRS and the Efficiency of the Post Office, I want to shout it from the rooftops. “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this any more!”
  9. Many other passengers complained. The iLounge staff could not fix the problem. ALL MY DEVICES worked perfectly 2 days later on the Eclipse!!! For 15 DAYS straight. You may be right that there is nothing Celebrity will do. In fact, they have done nothing. But it is my First Amendment right to spread the truth about Celebrity Internet on Cruise Critic.
  10. One last try to explain. Internet Connectivity is fine. The hardwire Macs in the iLounge worked perfectly. You can get high-speed Internet all cruise if you can sit at the Macs in iLounge. 8 Macs for 2000+ passengers My complaint is with the WiFi. The WiFi dropped repeatedly. An analogy. It's like having electric power only in the iLounge. The outlets in every other part of the ship including many/most cabins are dead.
  11. I already have a doctorate, but I decided to get a business degree online. It is untrue that I am asking for a refund for something I didn't pay for. I PAID for an upgrade from BETTER to BEST. Most of that upgrade was for Unlimited Internet for TWO. My point was that that is a BAD DEAL. Better to PAY for the Internet, so that when Celebrity can't deliver, you can get a REFUND of the amount you paid for the Internet. Celebrity advertises its new EXCELERATE Internet service. I am trying to disseminate the information that it doesn't always work. And if you pay for it as a PERK, you have no recourse.
  12. I don't get it either. Hence my point that the Internet PERK is worthless. And hence my warning to people to avoid the Internet perk if you actually plan to use it. I am hoping somebody at Celebrity will read this thread and possibly change this passenger hostile attitude.
  13. I beg to differ. I have always found the Internet at sea to be adequate. It won't support streaming or Skype or probably VOIP. Pages load more slowly than on land. If you get gigabit service at home 1% is still 10 Mbs. Dial-up was 28.8K, so even the Internet at sea is 400 times faster. Your post also misses my point. It was not the SPEED that was a problem, it was the local WiFi that was defective. It's like having a Maserati with an 8oz gas tank. In the 15 seconds before it runs out of gas, it goes like a bat out of hell. But it's going to take forever to go 200 miles.
  14. Your husband may have better equipment or perhaps you were in a suite where they may have upgraded the routers. My equipment worked perfectly for 15 days on Eclipse. immediately after. Personally, I would PREFER never to take an online exam on any Internet but my own. But Marie, the people are hungry because they have no bread. Then let them eat cake! Are you actually enrolled in online courses? Do you choose your cruises based on being at home for online exams? I take intense one course at time online courses. In any case, this is the first time in 19 cruises where the Internet was unreliable/useless. But that isn't even the issue. One lesson is never sail Infinity or any Celebrity ship that hasn't been updated. My original point was that I paid for unlimited Internet for two and it was unusable for the purpose I purchased it for. I think I am entitled to a refund or credit for the unusable service. The fact that it was a PERK paid for with a higher cruise fare shouldn't allow Celebrity to blow me off.
  15. I tried most public areas of the ship. I'm glad you were able to use almost 90 minutes over 5 days. But I needed 70 continuous minutes. And I needed to upload assignments. And I needed to answer occasional work problems and research answers.
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