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  1. Cunard usually has their gatherings often called Friends of Dorothy/Rainbow Pride in the Commodore Club forward usually at 5 pm. I have enjoyed them, and made many long term friends on board.
  2. Queen Victoria arrived in Southampton for supplies yesterday and departed at 14:00 today. I watched her on the Ferry Cam and on the Cruise Terminal Cam as she proceeded gracefully down Southampton Water. She is looking good.
  3. Can you post a link to the list, please.
  4. It is the first half of the Mother's day weekend. My thoughts go back to my dear MaMa who, as they say in Spanish, Entered Immortality twenty years ago June 5th at the age of 100 years and six months exactly. Her goodness still fills our hearts. It has been a great weekend here in Southeast Texas. The 5 inches of rain from a week ago have finally been absorbed by the earth, and the lawns, flowers, shrubs and trees (except the Mexican Fan Palms) have shaken off most of the damage of the late February freeze and are growing with frenzy. Even those shrubs that looked dead
  5. I would postpone. Things will get better and sooner or later the US CDC will come out with proper rules (not the spaghetti rules they have now) and things can get back to normal. In the mean time, don't put yourself through the pain and agony.
  6. The last time I arrived from Hamburg, to go ashore in Southampton to go on a tour in Southampton, I went through immigration in Southampton. On board immigration occurs on some east bound Trans Atlantic crossings.
  7. Indeed. The first time I cleared customs in Brooklyn, I had bags that required a porter. The side benefit was that we zipped through a special queue, while other were waiting in long lines. I was a lesson easily learned.
  8. You will go through UK Immigration as you leave the ship. You will need your passport. You exit through a specific exit and the Immigration folk are waiting for you there.
  9. Thank you Victoria 2. You comments are much appreciated. Just 15 months to go now.
  10. There was a channel up when the P&O Arcadia left todaym narrated by the "Captain". I presume there will be one tomorrow. By the way the comment section of the Ocean Cruise Terminal says the departure will be 14:00. So it could be earlier than previously indicated.
  11. Queen Mary 2 is tied up at the Ocean Cruise Terminal in Southampton and is aglow in the night. She looks fantastic.
  12. I am looking at the You Tube Channel for the Southampton Ocean Cruise Camera. Queen Mary 2 is tied up at the Cruise Terminal and she looks great. She took my breath away, seeing her in real time looking very snappy. No doubt she is taking on supplies, and will soon head down the Solent to her secret anchorage. I will continue to watch the channel to watch her depart, wishing I was aboard heading some where fun. Here is the link.
  13. Thank you Lady L. The Southampton Harbor Hotel looks like the winner.
  14. In the Grills, you can get coffee during the morning in the Concierge area. In the Queen's grill, sparkling water is provided in your suite, and it is replaced as necessary. So, you should not have a problem getting coffee or sparkling water. And since it comes with the price of the cruise, you have nothing to loose.
  15. RSquare, yes, you are correct. The early morning NY Arrival is always spectacular. From the time you hear the pilot boat coming along side, until the Queen does her graceful pirouette to back into the Red Hook Terminal are multiple visual treats. The Statue of Liberty glowing in the distance. The race of police boats surrounding and escorting the Queen to her dock, gets one up and ready for the balance of the trip home in a cramped airline seat.
  16. Happy days indeed. I noticed at the super duper market which has made masks optional, there were fewer masks to be seen. In Texas, 25%+ are fully vaccinated and an additional 35%+ have had one shot. Now that the J&J single dose has been "Un-Paused" I expect the see the numbers climb fast.
  17. Good luck Old Bear. I have had a westbound T/A from Hamburg for August 2022. I saw a nine day northern Europe voyage that goes from Southampton to Hamburg, Rotterdam, Zeebrugge and back immediately preceding. It was in the cabin category I wanted, but it had to be booked Southampton to Southampton. My great travel agent tried to get Cunard to sell me the voyage as Southampton, Hamburg, Rotterdam, Zeebrugge. Hamburg. And let them sell the Hamburg-Southampton as a short break to someone else. No dice, so finally I gave in and booked the Southampton, to Southampton trip. I will have t
  18. August 2022 is a bit in the future, but I have booked it and it will be my first voyage since 2019 so I am over due. Any others on this voyage? Please make yourselves known.
  19. Thanks CamGirl. My impression looking at food and drink was that the Southampton Harbor Hotel was head and shoulders above the Holiday Inn. And an uncomfortable bed for my old bones would be a deal breaker, so I guess I will book Southampton Harbor, but it's not until August 2022, so there is plenty of time to look around. As for the room cost, it is not more than staying in London for two additional days, so that is a wash for me.
  20. Thank you all for your comments. Much appreciated.
  21. Congratulations KShannon5, your decision to do a transatlantic voyage on Queen Mary 2 could not be better a better one. You indicate that you think flying over would cause jet lag issues. Having spent nearly 2 million miles in an airline seat flying trans Atlantic just about week. I think jet lag is easily dealt with. I would take a late Friday flight eastbound, arrive mid day after a good sleep, go to my hotel drop the bags and go for a nice walk in fresh air and sunshine. I would eat a light dinner and go to bed at my usual time. The next morning my body was fully adjusted to th
  22. Thank you LL. I have narrowed it down to the Holiday Inn near the Red Funnel Ferry Terminal and the Southampton Harbor Hotel and spa closer to the cruise terminal and for my interest walking distance to the Solent Sky Museum. The Holiday Inn is better priced but the restaurant is not very appealing, The Southampton Harbor is more expensive, but has a very attractive sixth floor harBar with a terrace overlooking the marina. I think both are good choices, although I am leaning more to the Southampton Harbor. I can check in (or leave my bags if I am earlier than their usua
  23. Lanky Lad. I am thinking of coming down to Southampton a couple of days before I sail in August 2022. I would like to visit some local sights perhaps Osborne House on the Isle of Wight. I believe you have stayed in a hotel or hotels in Southampton and I seem to recall that you said one would shuttle you over to the Dock to catch the ship. Can you tell me the name of the hotel? Others can also recommend hotels as well. I will be coming down from London on the train, so I will take a taxi to the hotel, and I won't need parking. Thank you very much.
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