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  1. Will do a review when I return. From what I read on weather.com, it should be in the high 60s, low 70s ... which, for me, is perfect. Hope we don't get any rain. I really have gained a wealth of information on these message boards - both for my Russian trip and on various ocean cruises we've taken.
  2. Leaving on Sept 13 for the River Victoria -- Tim, I keep re-reading your review and am getting more and more excited about the trip. Got my visa the other day -- another item off the list! This is my second trip with Uniworld -- the first was in 2008 on the Danube. It was an incredible trip so I'm really looking forward to this one. Never thought I would be going to Russia!!!
  3. Loved your review -- thank you so much for sharing! We're leaving on the November 21 cruise leaving from Los Angeles and are really looking forward to it.
  4. I always take some stitching with me on my cruises. I've never had scissors or needles confiscated by TSA -- even international.
  5. When we did our river cruise in 2008, I got a pair of Ariat walking shoes. An attractive wedge with comfortable padding on the inside. I still wear them. I got them at a store called Walking Company -- they also have a website.
  6. It's a beautiful train ride. And the engineer also slows the train down for photo ops! Enjoy ...
  7. We did this cruise last October/November with a pre-cruise stay in Vienna. It was an absolutely wonderful cruise -- our first river cruise. We had only 43 on board and we had excellent service from the crew. All of the tours were great and I really loved the quietvox that we were given. Made the tours so much more enjoyable that you could actually hear the tour guide! One thing that I liked was the fact that when you're on the transfer back to the airport, Uniworld doesn't forget about you. They had a couple of people at the airport to make sure you found the correct airline counter. My husband and I were very impressed with Uniworld and we hope to do the Rhine Discovery this year.
  8. The River Countess did not have any tables for 2. Just for 4 or 6.
  9. My husband and I did Uniworld's Danube Discovery from Vienna to Nuremburg last October/November. We had a wonderful time. Though the ship carries 134 passengers, on our trip there were only 42!! So we really got to know other passengers and crew. The food was excellent, the accommodations were comfortable, and the ports were very interesting. The only port I did not enjoy was Krems ... but that is my opinion only. The cruise through the Wachau Valley was breathtaking. It was the one day where we had sun the entire day. Also, a reminder that all shops in Germany and Austria are closed on Sundays! This did limit our shopping, but I also didn't spend as much. We did a pre-cruise stay in Vienna with Uniworld and stayed at the Hilton. Very nice hotel with breakfast included. This was our first river cruise, but I would do it again (including this cruise!) in a heartbeat. Ginny Bender
  10. We're on the River Countess the end of October. Will write a review on our return!
  11. We're scheduled to do the Danube Discovery the end of October. Can't wait to read your review! We're doing pre-cruise in Vienna but heading straight home after Nuremburg.
  12. WE recently cruised with the NCL Star (4/18/04). Our cruise was completely within the Hawaiian Islands because the Star had a problem with one of its engines and had to eliminate the Fanning Island portion of its itinerary. The result for us--and some of the other April, 2004 Star cruises--was having all 7 days in Hawaii. Two additional ports were added, one on the Big Island and one on Maui, and we "lost" one sea day. For us this was a big plus. We have posted a review of the cruise--actually posted two "halves"--on this board. You might want to look those over to see what an all Hawaii cruise would be like. We really enjoyed it! We took the cruise for our 25th Anniversary. You won't be able to go on the Star, but the Pride of Aloha and/or the Pride of America (if/when it gets completed) should be great to cruise. sassycassie
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