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  1. I meant for fully vaccinated, I know unvaccinated is a whole different discussion
  2. Hi I was wondering what the mask rules are for vaccinated people on the Summit
  3. Not travelling til late Sept, so things can change, but to start, safe to assume masks required in Promenade?
  4. Has there been any costs put to each of the cabanas?
  5. yes i was looking at deck 9 thank you
  6. I noticed that #032 and #532 are an odd shape, are they better or worse than a regular rectangle balcony? Thank you
  7. I have a 9/30 cruise and I cant et the app to work for me. I sure hope this cruise goes.
  8. I'm concerned about my late Sept 2021 cruise out of Miami now
  9. i am not sure this was asked, but when returning to Nassau, you will need to test to get on the plane back to US still correct? When will that test be done? Is there a charge? if there is a positive in your party, then are you on your own to find a place to stay? trying to compare to what Mexico is doing at the hotels now
  10. I know no one has a crystal ball to answer the question of when will US cruises start and what will the CDC rules be but I have a cruise planned on the Oasis out of NJ for June 11 2021 and I am 99% sure that the cruise wont go, or even by some miracle it did, it wouldn't be out of NJ, thoughts? I only ask because if it gets cancelled, I plan on hitting Cancun for a week and those prices are skyrocketing every hour
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