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  1. Is there "VIP" area on the Navigator now?
  2. This may have been answered somewhere here, but since I am going from a balcony to a GS 1 bedroom, do I receive any of the suite perks?
  3. I am on a 3 night Navigator in August and for $240, I went from balcony to GS 1 bedroom
  4. Mkripke

    Swizzle Inn

    thank you, we are on the Gem so the South Road one sounds easier to get to
  5. Mkripke

    Swizzle Inn

    hi what is the best way to get there from the Dock Yard? thank you
  6. thank you, going in August so i will be interested in seeing it
  7. can anyone take a picture of the menu, or does anyone have one they can send me?
  8. I just bid $100/pp for the Gem out of Boston 5/10 to go from an inside to a balcony. Lets see what happens
  9. thank you all for your replies
  10. when do they typically have Christmas decorations up? I know it is preference, but which one, Avalon or Viking?
  11. question please Do they use SeaPass cards or bracelets?
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