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  1. We noticed the disappearance as well and ha e been very disappointed that the soups are gone. You are not alone.
  2. Was hoping to have a few of you muse on what you expect in terms of what occupancy rates will be like for holiday cruises in December (xmas/nye). Will RCL hold back rooms to make sure the ship isn't at full occupancy at one of their busiest and most profitable times of the year?
  3. I've found that the people I'm talking to on the phone are very accommodating at working through the vouchers, given you have someone who knows what they are doing. I would still strongly recommend people apply vouchers by phone instead of the site, even if you have to wait on hold.
  4. On RCL's web site, they mention that you if you have remaining cruise credit unused from a voucher that you don't receive it until after the sailing you use it on. Others here and have said it can take about a month. Customer service told me it would be about three or four weeks. My recent experience was that I received the remaining money on a new voucher within ONE WEEK. Just wanted to provide that data point for people.
  5. Royal does not make that clear on their web site and when you talk with support they don't provide confidence that this is possible.
  6. I fully regret trying to redeem online, specifically to applying the amount to a different reservation. The redemption team did not correctly apply it and customer service is telling me that it was an error and I have to wait 30 days for the remaining amount to be issued back to me, and then I have to call back to have it reapplied. I regret not doing it on the phone with someone the first time where I could discuss how it would be applied to someone. The 30 day way is completely contrary to the policy of waiting until your cruise is over to get a new voucher , but the support assured me I would be issued a new one within 30 days. Very confusing and frustrating.
  7. We have a $1000 deposit. So with L&S can we move that deposit to 2021? I was going to call RCL this week to discuss these types of options.
  8. Agree. That's what we were thinking. Even if we have to pay a little more...that would be the cost of having the flexibility.
  9. So bummed about the ongoing covid situation. At this point, I just don't see cruises going in December and even if they do, I don't think I want to take a chance with my family. Maybe things get better, the CDC will give the OK and policies and practices will be solid. But that being said, I don't want to put down my final payment next week, have the cruise go and then decide I'm not comfortable going. I don't want to be stuck with the thousands of dollars of future cruise credits..... And we so excited about having the Unlimited Dining plan this year. 🙂
  10. Did they happen to mention if they noticed a difference in crowd sizes?
  11. Totally agree. Even a month from now could be very different.
  12. Was told it takes two to three weeks. If you get the credit in time you can apply it to your rebooked cruise.
  13. Yes. You cancel your cruise and then receive cruise credit for a future cruise. You then rebook your existing cruise.
  14. Public transportation is a major risk in every city. I worry about traveling on the bus each day. Feel like there's more risk there than on the ship.
  15. Thanks. We've used the before. Unfortunately, RCL doesn't provide that luggage service when the port is in Miami. I think we're doing to try and make a 11:15 flight out of FLL. We'll get off ship as soon as we can. Traffic should be light.
  16. Thanks for the FLL compare. I might need to fly from there so this is really helpful. What time were you off the ship at?
  17. Thanks. It would be on a Saturday morning. If I don't take the 11:15 I have to wait until 4:50 PM. It feels doable, but would be tight.
  18. How tight would it be to get to the Miami airport from the Miami port for a 11:15 flight? Willing to get off ship with my bags to get out early. Thanks
  19. Hello, could someone help me with figuring out what a specific area is on Deck 12 of the Symphony. At the back of the ship, between interior rooms 12293 and 12277 there's what looks to be a stairwell, but that doesn't look like it's passenger related. Anyone know what this area is?
  20. Well I talk to Royal and I will confirm the following. Some of which is above. Again, this situation is trying to change from the Navigator leaving on 4/6 to the Oasis leaving on 4/5. * I could cancel and get a future cruise credit. * I can use that cruise credit on an existing reservation that still has a balance. * The FCC can only be used for the people on the reservation. And when I tried to transfer, and not even expecting to get a credit back for the lower priced ship, not looking for a credit for the price difference, they wouldn't let me transfer. I get that's the policy, but while they're allowing all this flexibility for other situations, this would be nice too. I get it from their end.
  21. I appreciate everyone’s input. I like the idea of the cancel and have the future onboard credit. The challenge for me with my cruise in April is that my mom is traveling separate than my family and we all want to switch to a different ship in April. My family is sailing again in December so we could use the cruise credit. If If my mother were issued the credit it would basically go unused because she Probably won’t use it. It may not work out to do the above options.
  22. My question is a little bit different than what the responses are. I’m not talking about canceling and booking later I’m talking about simply switching between one ship and another ship immediately.
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