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  1. Devon Doll

    Travel insurance

    We have that too, my husband is 83 and has a pre existing condition so had to pay an additional £160 pa for age & condition add ons covering worldwide annual which we consider extremely reasonable. Plus I had a problem in Barbados last year and they paid out immediately.
  2. Devon Doll

    Best beach on a budget

    Anyone taken the local bus from St Johns to Jolly Beach??
  3. Devon Doll

    Transportation to Palm Court Gardens

    We go every time we cruise there. It's lovely but 4 ships in the day we are there so have booked early. Usually busy with ships entertainers too.
  4. Devon Doll

    Check In / Luggage Labels and Stuff

    Thanks, have a great time.
  5. Devon Doll

    Check In / Luggage Labels and Stuff

    Be good to hear your opinion of the cruise when you return as we are on in February. Similarly we have done numerous cruises over the years with P&O but felt it was time to try something different, hopefully on a friendlier smaller ship.
  6. Devon Doll

    Thomson Discovery.......

    We are on in February and understand they now have 'a dress to impress' night which means you can either do the full black tie or something less formal
  7. Devon Doll

    Nice beach

    Is there food & drink available please.
  8. Devon Doll

    Walking to the top of Morne Bruce?

    Jacks walk is accessed from the Botanical Garden which is found by walking directly up the 'Main' Street. There is only one quite steep turn with rocks and it's advantageous to use your hands to steady you and wear sensible shoes, no flip flops. It takes about 20/25 minutes but quicker on the way down!!! We have done this the last 3 years. The views are amazing and you feel you have earned a drink when you get back to the town.
  9. Devon Doll

    Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire

    Been to Eagle beach on the local bus several times but don't think it is viable to walk back.
  10. Devon Doll

    Winter 2017/18 Deployment

    Hope it's not SanJuan as you have to go thru immigration there and it takes ages.
  11. At one time it was the wash that the large cruise ships created which locals objected to, saying it was destroying the fabric of the place, but, you only have to visit once to see that the cruise ships enter really really slowly (wonderful for photos) and it's the hundreds of water tsxis, water buses zooming around which potentially do the damage
  12. Do Thomsons send your luggage/cabin labels in the post / on line prior to your holiday as other cruise operators do?
  13. Yes, we have booked a specific 4 berth aft cabin on Discovery for the two of us. Had a bit of a struggle as they were reluctant to let us book it for two, it was only when I walked out of the TA that they rang me as soon as I got home to say that the cabin number we wanted wasavailable after all, so we continued with the booking as having a cabin in that location was a condition of making a booking.
  14. Devon Doll

    Boarding Britannia in St Lucia

    Don't think it will be Pointe Seraphine as there are no 'shed' areas to process passengers as in Barbados, think far more likely to be the other side of the harbour in the commercial area
  15. Agree, we've just come off Azura and after many years cruising have to say the downward trend is very noticeable. Despite some negative comments, we shall look forward to trying Discovery.