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  1. Anita, I hate it when they are to include the washer and dryer but then switch them on you. Never happened to us but I know it does occur. you are lucky to do a good clean up etc and have time to move in slowly. oh...off topic...6 years today we moved into our townhouse...best decision for us, ever! Excited for you on your new place...love your colour choices a lot.
  2. Anita...Congratulations on being a home owner again. May your move go easily and quickly. photos when you can, so exciting for you all.
  3. Lois, not a criticism at all. Sorry if it came out that way.
  4. To see Hamilton inexpensively, a month subscription to Disney+ for ten bucks is worth it...seeing it at home, sipping wine, relaxing...bliss.
  5. Anita....pictures and house info, please! We are interested. love how you detail info...your comments on the tee shirt dress sleeves was helpful. everyone...celebrate safely. Keep those numbers down.
  6. Hi Purduemom no, not on the Island. Agree that Sidney is quiet and gorgeous. Very popular with seniors too. All of BC has its attractions, may it be water, mountains or flat land. We get lots of rain where we live so we can be very green. Not much snow where we live but other parts of B.C. get more snow.
  7. Lois, just heard on the news regarding the FL Covid numbers of 9000 new cases in one day. plus Houston hospitals being quite full with cases. Our restaurants are now opening up but with restrictions re number of diners etc. hair salons open, masks being worn. don't know re schools in September yet. what am I wearing right now...gym shorts and top as just did my exercise video. to all of you ladies....keep safe and healthy.
  8. Just popping in to say hi. Glad your lives are well and healthy. Melody, have a good recovery. Hope you get your table, Laurie. Calmness vibes to you, Anita. Margaret, a lake house sounds so fun. Pacruise, lovely haircut, gorgeous hair. I live in Canada and we are doing well up here re Covid. Mask wearing when I go out, lots of social distancing, hand washing too. continue to be well, ladies.
  9. I am a sewer but not convinced sewing masks is effective for our health care workers. If you wish to sew and wear yourself, that is your choice. But from what we are hearing, the fabric is too porous. The factories need to up production, which they probably are trying to do. If my hospital says they want us to sew masks, I will gladly do so.
  10. Wow, was just thinking of you, Marie, today. glad to see you back. Hope all is well with you and your husband.
  11. Lois, happy retirement. Wishing you many travel days ahead.
  12. Taking the Skytrain is quicker than taking a taxi. Traffic in Vancouver is pretty bad.
  13. Lois, thinking of you. Hope all goes well.
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